First Walk of the Year

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It's been Sunny and Pua has been wanting to go outside. The other night Hyzzie got sick and I let her out. Pua smelled the air and headed for the door so let out walk out just to see what she'd do. To my surprise she just trucked right along the frozen lawn and even across some hard frozen snow that was left near the fence. It was to cold though so we went back in. So since she was awake this morning I took her out. It was cool but warmed up in the sun and with all the activity.

Across the parking lot


We went up the sidewalk and past the coffe shop then crossed the street to explore the hill and wild lands over there
Was a bit of snow behind the hill

She headed home then

But didn't settle in well and ran around some

So we went back out

Up the sidewalk again and around the coffee parking lot

We then went back by the shop and down the street then crossed. She wanted to go under that gate.

Wading through some deep ivy

At the fence and gate again. I really wanted that shot of her on the fence but it came out blurry :(

Running back up along the wild side

Video of her on the hill

Heading home again

And to her favorite nap spot, the bathroom sink

Left her to settle and then came back and tried a shot of her in the door mirror
She had been covered but uncovered herself feeling warm but then not being active any more got cold again

She still didn't want to go to sleep at first but I covered her up again and she settled down and slept


  1. c.j.h. Says:

    She must feel spring coming, or days getting longer.

    In one of the captions you mentioned walking her by the coffee shop. Do you draw crowds or are people used to her?

    Also, any particular reason why she likes the sink to sleep in? Example: Roscoe sleeps in the bed with us, but prefers sleeping under the covers, tail towards the head, head towards the foot.

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    Some people stop to look or ask questions but it's not to bad. We're not in a big city or anything. I think they also respect that she doesn't like to stop for long.

    she likes to be in a cubby type hole where there are sides. She's slept in boxes and in the empty mop bucket before. She slept in the cat's bed last night while we had dinner. She sleeps with me in the bed under the covers too.