Pua in a Parka

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So as mentioned my dog was sick the other night and let her out and Pua smelled the fresh air and came over, so let her out and she didnt care it was cold. Just went charging across the frozen grass so last night I let her out again. It wasn't quite as cold either.
Charging along

Determined anteater

Yeah we still have some leaves behind the house

Even the hard frozen snow didn't stop her.

Not phased at all. Might be the only time you'll ever see a tamandua in the snow.


Didn't let her stay out very long not wanting her to get chilled. So I took her inside and...(TBC)

... and put a parka on her. :lol:

Ahhh What's going on?


"hey now this is nice"
looky how her eyes reflect the purple!

Does this parka make me look fat?


The anteaters go marching one by one..

She doesn't mind clothes any more than she does her harness

"I can't find any ants"

anteater in snow in Parka, doesn't get much better

She walked across there all on her own didn't put her on it.

I missed the perfect shot though. One time she was going across and stood up to sniff the air and I had put the camera down because it said the batteries were dead but it worked again later. Just looked like such a great shot and missed it. Anteater in snow in parka standing up and looking oh so cute!

Oh no we lost her head

Behind the house again

interesting eye color again if you look at it really large

I sewed that clip on the back for the dogs so I didn't need to dig under to clip a leash. They hate the parka though. Pua didn't really mind


She sure had fun running around

On the old Christmas tree

when she decided she was done she headed for my door

BRR.. Okay that's enough for now let me back in.

You're taking to long I'm going in
we of course have no acess to the pet door when she's up and around.

Heading for the bed

then I took the coat off and she almost looks annoyed with me
She ate a bunch then slept all night solid She also had to comb and fluff her fur quite a bit after she came in.


  1. Silvia Masetti Says:

    I put the link of your blog in my blog, I don't want to miss Pua's adventures!
    What does Pua eat normally? Do you give her ants and insects or in captivity do anteaters eat special food?

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    She eats a special food mix.
    She does enjoy ants when she or I can find them. I just splurged and ordered some freeze dried ants. I just had to they'll be great training treats. There's just nothing else she gets really excited about. Not even honey. Sometimes she wants honey sometimes she ignores it. We find an ant and she's sniffing around looking for more for quite awhile.