Pua Comes to Dinner

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Pua has been waking up when we get home. I left her with food in my room but she came out during dinner. Her ritual is come out and play on the couch for awhile then go back to my room. I wasn't on the couch though. She hung out in the living room a bit and went back and forth to my room before coming over to see what I was doing at the table.

I picked her up and we played a long time on the chair. She climbed all ov3r and dueled with me through the bars on the arms of the chair.

Later we played under the table and chairs and she really likes that now.

Ready for a fight under the table


Attacking the chair

she found Hyzzie's ball and was playing with it I just picked it up when it dropped and gave it back

Took this pick upside down

Poking at that ball

Playing on the chair base

She kept flipping around and grabbing her own tail

Spinning around the bar


Like the angle makes her look sort of gobblin like


Just threw Hyzzie's ball

Sniffing the carpet

Trying to make her ball levitate back to her

Quasi looking dignified.


  1. Silvia Masetti Says:

    I saw the pictures and the movies of your anteater! She's amazing. Here in Italy nobody has such an animal. I love animals and I also have a website and a blog dedicated to them, but...they are quite common animals! I didn't know that an anteater could be tame.I'll probably ask you more information about this animal, I'm so curious. Cheers. Silvia

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    Thank you for commenting. i looked at your blog. Gennets and skunks aren't exactly common but true more so than an anteater.