Boxing day Walk - Pua

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Otherwise known as the day after Christmas but Boxing day sounds nicer

It was wet but the sun came peeked through and it managed to creep above 50 so Pua got to go to the park

It took her awhile to wake up and realize where she was

She got moving slowly at first

She slowly started going faster but really picked up speed on the bridge

A better ;ic of the rushing river

That used to be Hyzzie's favorite trail there now under water

Really running now

Zooming from behind

She realy loves to run

A new river

A new river right where a trail used to be. She was going to wade across but we talked her into urning back.

A final pic

The batteries died

She didn't want to go home but her feet and tail where getting pink with cold and she was getting more pokey so we went back to the bridge then she needed crated because she didn't want to go back. She had a big meal and snuggled some when se got back before she got back to sleep.