Pua Christmas evening

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oops boxing day should have been posted after but hit post instead of save. oh well.

Pua Cristmas night

she almost helped open her oven gift.

A few more presents and she might get the hang of this

I took her claqws and sunk them in the wrapping and she tried a few times herself but wasn't sutre.

Checking out her gift

She kneaded the blanket in her paws for a bit to feel it but has my finger here

Starting to get playful

A quick hug

I can beat you hanging upside down

and one hand behiind my back

Finger poking

She likes wrestling in this position

Hyzzie with ball

Wanted a pick of her with the ball stuffed in her mouth and got this

She stopped and stood up for a while but dad missed the pic

More finger poking

a couple jeouse mutts

Checking out the tree

Attempt at her standing but the flug herself at me

She must think she was abducted by aliens sometimes. She sniffs the tree and the "strang fruit" on it.

And a extra pic of Quasi boy


  1. Anonymous Says:

    An anteater? Wow. Is that legal to keep? Does it bite?

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    I have her legally but it depends on where you live. Each state, county and city has their own laws that might make it difficult or impossible to have one.

    She has a tiny mouth and no teeth so she can't bite but she can pinch pretty good with those claws and it can feel like a bite and if scared and trying to defend herself could wound a person. but she's gentle with them.