Q&H hike yesterday

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We took them to the ranger station

They took the walk way to the forest road

And marked the excersise trail as theirs

Then Hyzzie wanted to go up the road but it started sprinkling so we turned back to take the main trail back so the trees could protect us from the rain

Quasi enoyed himself

Hyzzie was watching for boogie-men

Then she suddenly decided to have fun

Once she let her brother know how fun it was they sniffed

and Hyzzie was feeling brave enough to be off leash

I thought this plant looked cool having turned white. It was a button berry plant.

Hyzzie ran into the boogie-man when she was cresting a hill. It turned out to be a ranger but not in uniform. He asked what we were picking. We had to explain the bag was a poop bag with stuff for the pets plus my mom's unbrealla before he finaly realized we weren't his suspects, ha. Someone had been picking and kicking over mushrooms along the trail but we weren't his mushroom poachers.

Here's one that mostly survived. A pretty weird hairy mushroom

Hyzzie thought after being falsly accused we should get to take the ranger's hybrid SUV home as compansation. When I said no she went to the other door and asked again, lol. Sorry kid auto theft is an even bigger offense than mushroom poaching.

Good thing we got everyone out yesterday it's been pouring all day today.