Pua wakes up

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Pua woke up late last night after her big day out
She did a lot of grooming to wake up

Then found a unique way down

But she wasn't sure where to go from there

She had to stop and groom while she thought it over

Tried a few times letting her climb down me but she wouldn't let go with her tail so in the end it didn't work since she thought I might drop her

So she had to get down by herself

She tried a utrun because she wanted on the bed but she turned the wrong way

So she lowered herself till she felt the floor with her tail then sort of used the tail as a thrid leg to help hold her as she let go of the beam

She played a bit, sat in the window slept some more then finaly ate some and some time in the middle of the night she checked the doors but didn't worry at them and came back to bed.