Pua hike and swim

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Thanks to the pineapple express it was nearly 70F outside and humid so nice and warm. It was over cast but not raining so Pua got to go to the park.

She wasn't sure if it was worth waking up during the day for at first and kept sticking her head in and out sniffing till she decided it was. She probably just found it hard to beleive she was really here again.

She walked along at first
Then really woke up and started running

Even the wet leaves didn't slow her down much
But it's easier to zoom out in the open
Then she went running across the bridge

In the woods the trail was thick with leaves
She was running so hard her mouth was gaping open from panting
if you click the bigger pick you can see her mouth open
She thought about going up this tree but decided against it
Running in the woods
Headng for the river
I'm gonna swim across
Well I didn't let her go in but she wanted too this time
Through the park some more
since it was warm enough I felt like going in myself I let her wade in the shallow area
But didn't let go deep or swim across like she was hoping. She also stopped panting after this but didn't get cold either
Taking the long way back
She didn't want to go home but she got to dragging her tail she we made her go in her bag and took her home

She decided against sleeping in her hammock though and headed for the closet

she decided a real house pet doesn't sleep in a cage and she groomed out the water from her fur and settled onto the top shelf of the closet
And fell asleep