Oh no more pictures!

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Pua went into the the window sill to look out but it was to dark to see anything.

Clean toes are very important to Pua

"Was that a treat bag rustling?"

Toe grooming is hard work so a nap was required

The start of a yawn this time

Pua wrestling with herself. She will suddenly lach her claws together and just tugg and grip awhile.

And a little more toe grooming

Hyzzie needed some bellu rubs

Jupiter got a new basket to chew up

I set water out for Pua but mine tastes better apparently

Just the tip of anteater tongue

I want whatever Pua's having

That was a lip-smacking good bone

Then Pua just got weird licking the outside of the thermose and the lid so put some water in the lid

So she clawed at the water, not usre how she missed her fast darting tongue

Pua was grooming my hair and sitting on the had board but tried to take a pic and she went and stuck her tongue in my ear instead.

Hyzzie did want to get out of bed this morning then when she finaly did she stuck herself under my pajamas.

Quasi took advantage of a sun beam

Hyzzie wasn't sure of the frozen grass at firt then did zoomies and was mid shake here.

Hurry, let us in, it's cold out here.