Woodland Walk with Q&H

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Some of these leaves were big enough for pet blankets
view of the river
Quasi down the bunny trail

Wait for grandma? But we got to out run the monsters!
Poor Hyzzie has just not been the same in the woods since her seizure, so nervouse.

There's something in the bushes

so I excitedly pointed out this gopher hole and she was happy to dig it up for me

then she decided to look for chipmonks
a better scenic picture with some fall color

the high bridge has always made her nervouse due to her fear of water. So she has always hurried over it.
Quasi likes to go slow, walk next to thw rail, and stop occasionaly to look out over the water.
can you spot the wood pecker?

Here it is croppedafter the woods they wanted to go in the park a ways too. Hyzzie mostly went in circles tooking in the bushes for chipmunks
down to the beach
I really want a chipmunk
Heading back to the car

smaller pic of fall flowers
Larger pc of flowers

Waiting for grandma and groceries
Digging a better seat, really digging is his idea of fun