Guinea pig orphans

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These pigs were dropped off at the shop since their owner said no one would take them and she was going to turn them loose if I didn't take them. She sent a grey haired lady to drop them off for her so assume that was her mother.

They had them in this stupid brd house and they wouldn't come out. That will be changed to something I can het into if need be. So all I saw was a brown but and the other's white nose. I touched the white nose and it was fine at first then touched me with it's teeth. Just a warnibg or probably would have lost some flesh.

Jupiter was very excited by them and since they weren't going to budge I let him check them out.

Is this a lader?

Where are they? I don't see them.

Wonder if it's safe to visit
They aren't very sociable but I like the cage

checking out the latrine. Maybe they can be box trained?

Then he had some fun pushing their shavings around and left them a few pellets to let them know he'd been there.
If it turns out they get along well will ask my USDA inspecter if he'll give me an expemtion for them to be housed together and make them a larger home cage but officialy they aren't supposed to be housed(caged) together so need permision to do that so will see how they get along first.