Bunch of Rabbid Pets

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Hyzzie and her magic bag

"ah the sweet smell of greenies"

The greenis had been put up already but once treats come from a bag they should keep popping out of it she will check the bag every day now.

Sneeze? Laugh?
Or squinty growl


My sock *grrr* I warned you before


Quasi is bored with this whole thing

Ah a foamy mouthed anteater
It's really her food

Pua says enough growling already *hiss*
She's got a big belly now but a tams belly is all stomach, blader and bowl, and a short digestive tract so she has been round since eating her big meals and peeing less often but bigger puddles lately. She does feel a little less boney but dispite the big belly needs some more weight on her still.

Normaly If Pua rears and gets hissy I let her sniff my finger and she relaxes but that didn't work so rubber her hand.

Then picked her up and gave her some good one on one time

Ah the power of a good hand rub

Relaxed again she went back to her meal

yummy slop

I was just playin'

Quasi perfers profile pictures

Oh no what upset her this time?
I wiped the end of her snout clean. She didn't hiss though it wasn't a real threat.

But a good tummy rub and all is forgiven. We wrestled later.