The rest of the house

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So the last few nghts Pua has gotton to explore the great big house.

Leaving the room
The end of the hall and a fork in the road

She decided to go strait into the computer room, or Kat's den

wonder what's in there?

Under the computer desk

Oh no whay didn't someone warn me this was the BATH room!

she came in saw this was where baths happened and turned right around and didn't go back in there again on any night so far.

It was harder to make her out on this rug before I croped it this was in my parents room.

Checking out my dad's saxaphone

A shot from under the bed. I like this cuz it focuses you on her legs and you don't normaly notice them as much as you think. Look how long her arms are compaired to her legs.

Climbing onto my dad's bed

This was night before last but last night she tried to pee on my dad's bed. Saw her squat and grabbed her up before she could do any thing. She was doing good on her pee pads but is testing her boundries. She tried the same thing under the table the other night. She peed right before she got out of the cage too so didn't need to.

"hmmm, this headboard is taller than mom's"

Back in my room

"I wanna go out, maybe if I jiggle this thing a little"

"aw comon it's not raining"

"sigh. Mom says night time walks aren't good but they sure are fun"

I had let her out at night as couple times but it's not good especialy with the weather changing. Rather have her out durring the day.