Pua a study in motion

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supper picture heavy went a bit crazy today. but some of them are interesting angles and such.

No rain today so once it got warmer took her out to pee and walk back then she starmed off. I gave her some foood but she was mad I had the bathroom door closed so ran around awhile. Tried to encourage her on the pee pad incase she had to poop but no doing.

over the barrier that spperates my clutter from the rest of the stuff.

and back

checking out the spare desk.

into the chair

and all the way up. For awhile she seemed to think it might be a good place to rest.
so tried to help with being comfy

It's not to bad

But she wasn't ready to settle yet


Darn a wall

well I'll just climb it.

and up some more

Angelic Poo with a halo

walking the high beam

trying to clim on the writing board

Wanting to go up more

trying to go down instead

holding on my her tail

then doing a u-turn

an interesting body shot

gettin sleepy and covered in cobwebs


getting a different view of things

she really wanted to climb on that black board

wall walking

Always time for a tail scratch

Can almost make it

going down



her old spot with new junk in it