Pua - a day in the woods

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Took Pua to the hiking trail I plan to try the termite collecting on first. She was not interested in the logs but instead just ran down the trail.

The the raised tail? That's the sign of a happy tamandua like a kid grinning ear to ear at a party.

Didn't take a bunch of pics. Mainly because she was just charging along. Would just look ocassionaly at something then keep going. This was on the log that blocks this trail.

Not being by myself we didn't go past the log and Pua was not thrilled to turn around. She knew that was going home and she wasn't ready.

She still did pretty good but stopped more and kept trying to go off the trail and explore more.
And climb trees. I let her and just kept picking her off once she got chest level.
She got near the end and wanted to turn around so we did it again but when we got to the log this time she wouldn't turn around so had to crate her but then was nice and we took her to the trail at the park across the bridge and took her back out there.

She was really happy then and her tail currled up so much she kept tapping her own back.

And she was happy to stay on the trail and just run along except this one spot due to the grass and a deer trail so let her go a little ways then went back. Her tail curled up so much she was nearly tapping her own belly.

She was finaly getting tired here. We took her on a cricle of trails and she wanted to turn around remembering the way back but it was shorter to keep going. She finaly said no more and insisted on turning around so crated her again. Next time we'll just take her to the park trail and she can turn around when she feels like but will most likely be able to do that whole circle if not half used up first.