Snow in September

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Well okay it wasn't here but not to far. That's diamond peak.

Kat was sitting on the couch like a people then saw the camera and groomed instead.

Pretty fungus

This poor bird I found flopping around in someone's yard on a walk. t's beak was off matching and underneither there was a little puncture wound so probably a cat did it.
The rehab down in Eugene said it's a starling but probably wouldn't make it since it wasn't moving it's legs. They were going to try though.

Poo eating dinner
It was raining yestrday so couldn't take Pua on a morning walk. I felt bad she was holding in her pee so woke her and put her in her crate thinking she would pee in there. She's used it as an outhouse at home before. but she just curled up instead. Poor poop.

Pua covering her eye with her foot to keep the light out.

I just love her tail

Drinking her rew with tail out of the way.
Oh yeah everyone was teasing I was mixing up witches brew as I made up a batch of the complicated part of her diet took hours but she loves it.

Poo under cover
The mean old lady woke her up with that flash.

Looking down on Pua as she looks up at us.

Q&H snuggled in to their crib.

Oh and evidence Jupiter is shedding again. I should knit a sweater from him.