Pua the little monkey-puppy

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Pua is so sweet and likes to groom me a lot. She always pays special attention to my fingers since some mean person pulled out all my claws. At least it seems that's what she's thinking. She always looks real concerned and gently pokes and kisses my finger tips. She also licked my eyes last night, now that was a weird feeling.

Let her run around a bit more tonight she didn't get out long last night since she was being cranky. As you can see she doesn't really need much to climb.

Hyzzie is very concerned about her new puppy climbing up so high and whines telling her to get down from there. I was there most of the time to ready to help her down or catch her if need be.

One of the times I helped her down she just clung to me and we hugged and snuggled awhile and managed to take this pic of her balled up in my arms.

Pua made it all the way to the top of that darn extra peice of wall board. I was helping support though since it was bending some under her weight.

Poor Hyzzie is so concerned about her puppy's recless behavior.

Pua trying to fugure out that door.

She started getting cranky after awhile and put her back in her cage but she had to still use up some enrgy first so played with her towle and clawed around for awhile.As you can see I cleaned out her cage today and lined it with washable pee pads was so much easier to clean when she did pee just took it and stuck it in the wash and replaced with a spair.

"well, you going to let me back out?""Alright fine I'm going back to my hamock..."

"But I'm keeping my eye on you."


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    thanks for commenting guys :) I deleated one cuz it was a double post not cuz anyone said anything bad ;)

    Well she's from another country and I adopted her so that's two out of three.