It was the best of times it was the worst of times..

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it was yesterday. Well it was a great day with Pua and got a few pictures but my other pets count too and turned out to a be a bad Day for Hyzzie. She had a seizure. I called the vet but she didn't return my call. there have been a couple other issues lately so while I'm not commited to leaing am going to be looking at other possible vets.

So first Hyzzie. Took Q&H for a walk in the woods. Everything was fine and we were on our way back when
she started getting nervouse so put her on leash then after a bit she stopped and just stood there. Asked if she wanted water then her legs gave out and she lowered to the ground rolled onto her side her head was up stairing to the sky and her legs and muscles there were twitching. I just rubbed her and looked her over. She had a couple mosquito bites cuz we didn't put fresh protection on and only works for mosquitoes if fresh but otherwise no swelling which was a minor releif that it wasn't an alergic thing. It didn't last long and carried her out of the woods. Set her down near the car after going over her again just to see and she could stand but not well and looked misserable. She seemed headachey and loggy at home but after a nap was fine. I did think about heat stroke but she wasn't even panting. She did have a caugh and runny nose from alergies and that again today so she had half a benadryl today. My dad thought maybe it was lack of oxygen from that but it still seems if that were it she would have been panting or something.

At this point there wont be much point in bringing her in to the vet. Only thing they really could have done was run a blood test to be sure there was no underlying reason for it and check her heart but that's best done as soon after as possible. Since she's had flycatching syndrome in the past which is considered seizure related it likely is just a small seizure for unknown reasons but she's never had a seizure before. So we can just wait and hope it doesn't happen again. I will start adding cottage cheese with her dinner along with the flaxseed. The flax seed stopped the flycatching episodes and the cottage cheese is supposed to make it more effective plus know a chihuahua who's seizures stopped with cottage cheese.

Okay so good times with Pua. She woke up a little afternoon yestrday and had a meal then came out to play some and snuggled with me after checking out the door. she really wants into the rest of the house. she met Jupiter and seems to like him. She pretty much ignores Q&H but wanted to investigate the bunny but Jupiter was scared. He was better later when she was climbing around the outside of his cage so might warm up to her.

Pua has decided my bed is a much better place to sleep than in her cage and took a nap with me under the blanket. She also got to stay awhile last night but when she woke up around midnight put her in her cage and she settled in and slept the rest of the night. she liked sleeping curled up next to me hugging with her little claws. She really does know how to be gentle with them and like holding hands with me. Foir a time the other day we groomed with her half out of the hammock then she nusggled with me and napped with me standing there her half on me half in the hammock. so I'd say she really loves me :)

Today she woke and had breakfast so took her to the shop. I just took her hammock with her inside put into her carry kennel then hung her up in the store cage. She was a little mad at me disturbing her nap but went back in her hammock while in the kennel and hasn't peeked out since so I don't think she even knows she's not at home yet.

PS. Oh forgot one little thing. Pua was climbing around last night and fell and knocked over the hamper and made a lot of noise. She came running back to me for reasuring snuggles

"mmm.. good gruel"
checking out the world. So far she hasn't hurt the screen.

Grooming her tail.
Takin' a nap

I just love this picture :) For the record that sleeping bag was torn before her it's kept on the bed mostly just for the pets to use.


  1. Fox Says:

    Well I heard about Hyzzie, that really suck.. I hope the vet gets back with you about it and for Pua, wow she seem to be little pushly.. Even soo she is very sweet at times from what I hear.. Then taking your bed must have been other thing, you took some great pics of Pua can't wait to see more..

    P>S. Reasuring snuggles lol such a luckly anteater