Pua settles in

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Well Pua is settling in now. We took her to the vet Weds. and she was a hit and didn't claw anyone to bits :) she weighed in there at 9.5# she didn't eat much that night and instead of climbing out like she had been peed in her hammock but she was rpobably crampy because she finaly pooped that night and it was mostly runny.

Then Thrusday night she ate good about a cup and a half though would really like to see her eat two cups. Also gave her a smal slick of honey dew mellon and she clawed that up a and ate a bit of that. So far have been waiting on her hand and foot since she eats much better if we hold the cup up for her to eat when ever she demands. When I'm comfortable with her eating will make a better feeder to attach to the cage so can leave the food for her for a couple hours when she is the most hungry. Which is when I got home from work at six. She didn't stir for anyone untill then.

After eating her first serving she kept pawing at me and checking me out. I finaly realized what she wanted and opened the door and we had a grooming session :) She pawed and licked me all over. My arm and hand at first then worked her way up to me hair and ear. Livking was fine but she tried grabbing it to get a better angle at it and that hurt a little. A few times she gripped my arm a little to hard too. She doesn'tr realized human skin is much softer than tamandua skin. She even snifeed and licked at my arm pit through the shirt then tried climbing down the front of my shirt like a pouch. She settled in for a bit then and when she woke later let her out for awhile.

She explored around my room. Found out Tams are clummsy but durable. She climbed up to the top shelf of my closet, which is not reachable unless you stand on something, and she fell off all the wat to the floor and just got up and wolked right out like nothing happened. She found my door into the main house though and kept going into the living room so closed the door on her and that's when I took the pics below.

Later my dad asked why my door was closed and I opened it and she mossied on out. She went strait back down the hall and into the computer room this time. She sniffed noses with the cat and reared up arms spread hissing. Kat just sat there looking. She's not easily impressed. so Pua would have calmed down in a moment or two but my dad got worried and had me grab her up. Was a bit of a mistake, ouch. She put a small hole in each arm with her big claws. Should have gone for the tail first and pulled her away. She was scared and didn't know what she was grabbing or what had gotton her though normaly she is good at being gentle and even if she is a bit ruff doesn't actualy cause harm.

Hyzzie mostly follwed her around and findsa her interesting. Pua could care less about the dogs since she is used to their smell but Kat doesn't come in my room much. Might of thought she had run into an occelot. She is smart she only needed to see the door once to keep going strait for it no matter where I put her in my room. so think she could get used to the cat too if taken more slowly.

Quasi though the best way to deal with an anteater loose in the room was to hide in the closet.
The room is still only half renovated so she did find a few things to climb on.

From the heater to the trunk. Will replace it soon with a real little cabinit.
After I put her back she spent the rest of the night untill midnight making tons of noise clawing at things through the cage so had to move a few things and clawing at the bottum tray thinking she could dig out. She really likes pulling things into the cage so will leave some old towles for her to pull in.


  1. Fox Says:

    hahha she out!!! well look like pua is setting in and Q&H watch her. well good she getting out of the cage it seem like all day in there can be no fun.

    Aww she licking you that soo nice!!!

    Now I can see what you wanted this pet, well wish I could meet pua.. mayb e she might take to me as Hyzzie did for me..