Pua's day at work

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Well we made this cage for Pua thinking it would look nice but she was able to stick her head in and out the holes and by the end of the day had rubbed raw spots from where she had the mites so the skin was tinder to start with but we'll be changing it. Otherwise it didn't go bad and she ate a lot.

I did let her out awhile but she wants to be out all the time. She sure looks funny when she tries to run.

She was interested in her reflection. I have another mirror ona display and she checked the other tam out and was friendly rather than threatening yet another reason for me to think they are not 100% loners in the wild.
Climbing up

She made a mess of things on her way down. Called the vet and she finaly called back with the info needed on Pua she does have worms and had needed to call the zoo for proper dosage so will pick up her meds tomarrow. The vet said it was "striking" when she looked at the slide and saw so many eggs.