TOTM and Q&H update

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So Q&H recovered just fine from there ordeal. This is them wrestling and tugging the next day

TOTM is a monthly gift exchange we do in one group for our dogs. This month someof the items were to small for Q&H though so we tried them on Jupiter. In his openion TOTM should stand for torture of the month.

This toy was included and was in that pink Carrier. Hyzzie will likely tear him to to bits. They all so have some biscuits included.


  1. Fox Says:

    Well we got a bunny bag ~giggles~ really cute, I'm glad that Q&H are going to be fine with the things that been going on. Even soo J got himself a bag to walk around in. That a first here, never seen anyone try it and the only bunny around her are dinner for Nala and Sam soo it make things little harder..