Some more Jupiter stuff

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Getting caught up on some of the pics. He now has hay in the top of his house since he doesn't pee there any more and we cleaned out the bottum of his cage. Will line it with linolium of something soon for easy claening. And he does get pellets instead of the kibble now.

Jupiter greeting a customer

Jupiter doing inventory

Jupiter hanging out of his bunny house

Jupiter exploring his newly added upper level

Jupiter likes climbing up on the shelves

Hyzzie worrying over Jupiter falling being way up there. she adores him.

Jupiter having stolen my chair


  1. Fox Says:

    aww Jupiter got it made, I knew it that he would be the greatest help. Well even for being in the new paper there was alot of good from it. Even so he seem to have it all, from that he always with you now. Well I got to get back to looking at all the invoice paper.