Some Senior Aurora updates

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Aurora: Januaray 11th was my coronation day again. That means I'm at least 14 years old. That's like 95 human years. I lead a quiet life now. I move slower and my eyes are a bit cloudy but I enjoy my food and lounging on my shelf at night. I still ring the treat bell for some buttermilk now and then. I sometimes still miss Pua. I do wish the human fed me more but she says I don't need to grow any more. But over all my twilight years are pleasant ones.

Aurora: lifts lid, covered in blanket, looks of to the side looking grumpy like Oscar the grouch but in a defunct washer. "what the heck is that noise?"
Servant: It's the laundry, we have to do laundry so you can have clean blankets.
Aurora: "HRMPH" Dips into washer and slams lid behind her.


Aurora: Who's in charge of the rain? I'd like to lodge a complaint about the rain schedule coinciding with my stroll schedule. After a bit of back and forth I decided to do a couple rounds around the property anyway. I'm sure the servant didn't mind, It's not like I asked her to follow me around. I would have preferred some sunshine though.


Human: Oh I don't remember spilling this pepper all over last night. Why's it caked all around the large opening of the shaker... Oh... Aurora... Did.. Did you eat the pepper?
Aurora: It was tasty.
Human: Pepper's not food.
Aurora: It was a lovely snack, thank you for leaving it there for me.
(Don't worry, she's fine. I believe anteaters are like parrots and have no hot receptors. I tried using hot sauce and cayenne pepper as a deterrent and Ori went out of her way to lick it. I guess it makes sense, with their main wild food being fire ants.)

Aurora: Sometimes I get insomnia due to my post period hormones. Taking a stroll around helps. I even found a few ants.