March 2015

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March 2, 2015
I woke up gassy last night and chugged a bunch of vinegar from the bottle as mom held it for me(I do this if my tummy is upset). I stretched a lot and the vinegar flushed my skin and I was all droopy and feeling icky but then after a nap and a poop I felt better and was bugging mom for treats.

 March 3, 2015
I was up having a thorough vinegar bath when I fell off the washer. A blanket was there waiting to be washed to break my fall but how embarrassing..

 March 4, 2015
First I had to claw at the cushion then I had to sit and look mopey to get mom to give me a fresh blanket then I made sure she tucked me in. Sometimes humans need a lot of guidance to get it right.

 March 4, 2015

Pua gets wax worms
Tasty Wax worms
Hand feeding wax worms
A concerned citizen sent me waxworms to help see me through the great pupae and ant shortage. They are delicious but impossible to eat from a cup. They must posses some kind of black magic. They are only edible from mom's hand. Really trying to eat them from a cup was frustrating. Now I know how Aurora feels about anything in cups.
Wax worms

 March 5, 2015
 So Aurora's tail skin has always been velvety soft and kind of loose. Mom was just inspecting her tail scars and noticed her tail felt rough so she felt it all over. Then it hit mom what was going on. Her tail feels like a normal tamandua tail now! Could be due to her grapefruit juice cocktails.

 Curled up in the hammock
Curled up in the hammock

 You lookin at my butt?
You lookin at my butt?

 Holding hands with Pua

The dogs got to go for a ride in the woods and walk around some different places. Beaker loves it. Hyzzie got tired and gets a bit car sick if the car goes to fast on curvy areas but think she had some fun. Only thing was when they walked around the old Canoeing area and mom walked a bit too close to the water and Hyzzie started trotting for it. Mom had to stop her and scoop her up cuz there were signs saying the toxic algae has been killing dogs. Funny thing she was offered water back at the car but was like, nah. She drank a ton once home though.

Went back and forth between the closet and the washer today looking for Aurora. She's missing again!

In other news mom says there something lurking under the bed.

Aurora heard mom getting her cocktail ready so came out from under the bed and after having her drink has joined me in the closet nest.

I got the closet shelf again but I did check the washer and Aurora is where she is supposed to be and all sprawled out enjoying having it to her self.

Was having a nightmare and mom came to save me. I grabbed her thumb tight and squeezed till I fell back to sleep.
Ps I wanted to touch noses with her too. Mom's breath is calming.

Pua's Mommy: OMG, poop on the desk all over the laptop and my headset. PUA!!?

Pua: You put that big claw log right in the corner of the log tray on the cage. That's my usual poop perch. I had no choice. On the other had I was nice enough not to wake you for treats or snuggles last night. I figured it was best you didn't find that till morning.

Aurora went out for a garden stroll today. She even did some sprinting. She went out just as mom got back with the dogs from their morning walk so no time to grab a camera but here she is on the window branch after she came back.
What pretty eyes you have, Aurora.

I was sleeping in the hammock but moved to the closet. Aurora was up and had a snack then settled into the washer.

Somehow the sink drain became unplugged again.

We finally got our ants yesterday. I chowed down on a cup of them and got a bit of an ant beard.

Aurora tried to raid the stash last night but mom had them in a linen zipper pouch thing. Mom was like are you being naughty Aurora? And Aurora stood with her hands in front of her and looked at mom for a bit looking ubber cute then mozied off. Mom gave her a cup of them but she got them everywhere. Mom tried a bowl but Aurora knocked it to the floor.

Aurora started out for a walk then herd one of the scariest sounds ever, a hair drier. Once that stopped though she mustered her courage and went out for a short stroll around the garden.

I think I'm too small to mow the lawn
I think I'm too small to mow the lawn

I can help turn the compost
I can help turn the compost

There's not much growing here yet.
Thee's not much growing here yet.

Jake on the bed
Jake on the bed

 Aurora under the bed.
Aurora under the bed.

Now that we have ants I like to raid the fridge but when mom makes it so I can't open the door sometimes I wind up in the freezer. What is the point? Everything is frozen hard and inedible.

Aurora lets mom pet her, without acting like mom has cooties, when mom bring her her cocktail in the washer. Outside of the washer cooties still abound.

When Aurora got up she flew out of the washer so fast the lid flew all the way back and stayed open. So I got up to have a drink and went to take my wake up nap in the princess hammock. Mom has applied a fresh blanket and closed the lid.

Why the grumbling about the mess? That's what food is for!

Mom came to poke me and give me a treat. Aurora was insulted she did not get a treat so fled to the closet where she waited on the food shelf for her cocktail, which she is now enjoying.

I got a poke and some ants. With ants I hardly notice the poking. Then mom came back and rubbed organic coconut lotion on my ears. I thought that was odd but decided to just finish my ants.

Synchronized sleeping
Hyzzie and beaker resting

Hey, you sleeping? I need a treat.
Hey, you sleeping? I need a treat.

Morning treat cup, upside down
Morning treat cup, upside down
She had a collection of cups from during the night.

Aurora is enjoying having the washer to herself today.

Aurora's tail now. Aside from the previously damaged area needing some lotion. It's looking good. Oh it doesn't look that yellow in person. Guess she drug it through some of my spilled supplements. That curcumin is a yellow menace.

Aurora went to the door earlier but decided it was not nice outside and settled under the bed. But she came out now and is having some soup. We go through a lot more food now that Aurora found her appetite.