A goodbye

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We've been a long time without a post. Anyone not exclusively in touch with us via blog posts. Likely already knows it's been a bad year. My mother, often referred to as Pua's Grandma and heard and seen on our hikes with us began having health issues early this year and recently passed away fro leukemia.

Ew anteater germs

Muriel Goodwin Passed away at the age of 73 on September 20, 2014 at her home in Oakridge, Oregon. She survived cancer twice in her fifties but lost her most recent battle at 5:40AM. She was born in Monroe, Wisconsin on February 08, 1941 to parents Reverend Richard and Edna Rettig. She married Jerome Edgar Goodwin in June of 1971 and her father performed the ceremony. They started their 43 years of marriage by spending 3 years in Japan where Muriel gave birth to her son Jerome Edgar Goodwin II. She traveled around Japan seeing many sites, including the pandas at the zoo. She was known by many in Oakridge who met her on her walks around town with her daughter, Angela Dorothea Goodwin, and two dogs. 

Having first gotten her beautician’s license in 1963, Muriel, moved on to nursing and found it a better fit. She also earned her commercial truck driver’s license but decided to continue with nursing. She was a licensed vocational nurse for about 40 years. She loved music and played the cello. She has two grandchildren:  Mikayla Goodwin and Nicholas Goodwin. She has one surviving brother Richard Rettig and joins her Brother Paul and Sister Dorothea.

Stewie naps with grandma - Old photos

We have a large backlog of posts we need to make to catch up which we will likely do by years end once more to start the new year fresh again.

Pua naps with Grandma

Pua and Grandma

Pua and her grandma

Afternoon nap 

Quasi and his grandma