Enriching Anteaters

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March 22nd

Anteater enrichment

Anteater enrichmentAnteater enrichment - best photo

Enrichment Fail

March 22 - 1:30PM
We're in the washer today. Mom took a peek and Aurora was wide awake so mom got a her a treat of buttermilk.
Peeking at the sleepy girls

Do I get a treat too?
Do I get a treat too?

I'm up. Got some grooming to do.

Okay off to the closet to sleep some more.

March 23rd

Aurora is up for an afternoon snack. Guess she slept in the closet to be closer to the soup station.

Pau's Mommy: Aurora just rang the bell and looked at me. I asked if she wanted a treat, what kind of treat(the only thing she would want is buttermilk ans she's having her buttermilk soup). She went back to her soup bowl. Maybe she thinks it's a thank you bell.

March 24

Got up and had my treat. Joined Aurora in the closet for awhile. I stuck my head into the middle of her ball. Later had a drink and did my rounds. The night's just getting started.

Mom was wondering why I never woke her for my treats and Aurora was sure anxious for her soup refills since mom usually does that when I wake her. Then mom saw the blue cheese spilled all over the fridge. Yeah thanks for leaving that out mom. It was fun.

Aurora pooped last night. That's just 4 days since the last time so the vitamin c helped. Mom added a bit more Vit C to this batch. Normal poopage is every other day but even every 3 days would be acceptable in her case.

March 25th

Mom didn't put vinegar out for me last night so I bathed in my vinegar bow. I got up for a snack now and listing to the household noise of the day.

I see you're busy. I'll just help myself.

I see you're busy. I'll just help myself.
Seriously. I opened the package and gave her a cup of ants then turned my back for a minute.

March 26th
We are both up and eating soup!

March 27th
There was a lot of play last night. We were both up for a snack this morning and are now settled in the washer.

March 28th
I'm in the closet with Aurora. She is such a bed hog.

What do you want, lady?
What do you want, lady?
If looks could kill.

Aurora looks most disproving of my lurking about while they are trying to sleep. Pua does not look to thrilled either.
If looks could kill - looking quite disapproving

March 29th
Tomato worm? Yes please.

Part of the cat tree collapsed while I was climbing on it last night. I was not amused.

Other than that lots of play.

We are both relaxing in the washer today.

March 30th

So Aurora pooped last night. That's great as that's about perfect timing. She still has huge poops but she is a big girl.

I had a vinegar bath. Life is sweet.

Hyzzie says Hi
Hyzzie says Hi

March 31st
I've got my toy hugged under me if you look close.
Sleepy time
You can only see her mouth but Aurora is very relaxed under that blanket. If you look close you can see some dried drool on the edge of her mouth. Kind of neat to see the roof of her mouth too.

April 1
Had some snuggles with mom last night and a bit of play otherwise it was a fairly quiet night.

Frozen and thawed avocados are just as yummy. This is good because mom got some aged bags of them on sale for just $1 each.

Mom bought Aurora a bunch of buttermilk today too. She was going to get some for starter then a gallon of milk and make her more but they had some dated buttermilk on sale too.

April 2nd
If I keep going into the washer then back out again I get my wake up treat each time right, RIGHT, Don't make me ring my bells!

It's is so not weird for me to stick my head between my legs and sniff my poops as they come out! Right? I need to keep an eye on my health somehow.

I was in the washer with Aurora but I have left to have a hammock day.

Pua in her hammock
Pua in her hammock

So Comfy

April 4th

We played a lot last night. Mom didn't get up as much as I wanted for treats so I found the fridge was unlocked and helped myself to some tomatoes and ants.

I woke this morning itchy so groomed a bunch and had a vinegar bath. Then I got moody and was crying. Treats and cuddles didn't help so I'm moping in my hammock.

Okay feeling better. Had the rest of my ants and am going back in the washer with Aurora now.

I am not sleeping I am hanging out of my hammock glaring at mom. If I'm cranky it's obviously her fault somehow!

Okay I'm more relaxed now.

Pua Relaxing
Pua relaxing

Had a drink and back in the washer again.

Apparently it sounds odd when I scratch my self inside the washer and hit the sides with my claws. I had mom confused for a moment there.

April 5th
Aurora was watching me clean up her soup area so I grabbed the camera. She started to curl back up so I said "C'mon give us a smile". This was her reaction.
Smile Aurora
 I put that blanket out last night before bed, they are just messy beasts.

I was in the washer but Aurora is in the closet so I've gone to join her.

Time to head back to the washer and spend some quiet time alone.

Whoo it's a bit gassy in the washer. I'm heading back to the closet to join Aurora again.

Back to the washer. I'm sure it's aired out by now.

Since I know you are all anxiously waiting for detail Aurora pooped last night. Last time she pooped was the second. This is a good length of time for her. Seems the vitamin C works. Mom also as been giving B vitamin complex as well.

April 6th
I went outside today. At first I just stepped out and decided it was creepy and went back in. Then I went to the back bedroom but I didn't make it to the window because there were creepy sounds coming from the next room. But then I finally got brave and went out for a lap around the yard. There was so much water in the grass I had to keep snorting it out of my nose. 

Hesitating at the back ramp
Hesitating at the back ramp

Beaker followed us around

In the bed room listening to spooky noises

Pua in the bedroom

Beaker being Nosy

Listening to the house from the safety of her room

Listening to the house from the safety of her room

Out in the yard

It's wet out here