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Feb 15th 12AM
So I spent time sleeping in my hammock and in the washer with Aurora and tried the closet too, moving around them all but in the end settled into the washer for good. I'm not up yet tonight.

Feb 16th 2PM
Sleeping in the closet with Aurora today. Aurora came and was nosing about mom's night stand around 4AM and ran off when she knew mom was awake. So, mom got her some fresh breakfast.

Mom was in the middle of hosing out my washer when she discovered an avocado pit lodged firmly in the sink drain. I don't know why she was complaining. She should have been happy for the distraction. Scrubbing the washer out is a lot of work.

Feb 17th
Sleeping in the closet today. I have my period and it's nice to snuggle.

Feb 18th
Aurora left the washer lid open but was sleeping there anyway so I'm sleeping in the closet and mom closed the lid for her.

Feb 19th
There was a cold snap last night and the room got a bit chilly. I'm sleeping it the washer with Aurora snug under the blanket. Nice and toasty.

Feb 20th
Sharing the washer with Aurora again today. I also busted my princess hammock last night but mom can fix it. The corner loop pulled loose. Sometimes I do pick at them but it can happen from regular wear and tear too.

Aurora having some morning blue cheese

Aurora having some morning blue cheese

She's peeking at us again
She's peeking at us again

Feb 21st 12:30AM
So we slept in the washer together today but Aurora got up and was being friendly in that she was coming to mom to ask for treats and not running away so she got some blue cheese. I got some too. Then Aurora went to the closet so I followed her to the closet. Then Aurora left the closet and came back to the washer so I followed her back. I wanted to be sure she wasn't sneaking any more treats.

When mom got up I woke for my treat but she was already out of the room so I was peaking out the curtain. When she came back Aurora was up too as she followed me. We both got some yogurt and went back to bed in the washer.

Aurora just peeked out but went back in

Oh she just came out but when she saw the bridge was missing she came back in(mom needs to walk through there during the day). Maybe Aurora's getting tired of sharing the washer with me.

Aurora kept peeking out so mom rolled the bridge out for her and put a bit of blue cheese out. Then Aurora never peeked back out. Mom peeked in later and since we both looked back at her we got to share the blue cheese. There wasn't much though.

Aurora kept peeking. She came out and went up the tower then back in the washer. Then after awhile she came out and discovered the bridge was back and went to the closet but she paced as mom got her some food ready and went back to my castle. She went up the tower and had some food there. She is now back in the washer with me.

These intrusions are only acceptable if you bring treats.

Close the lid

Aurora has decided to get up early for some soup.

Feb 22nd 1:20AM
Aurora's up and went to the closet. I suspect she's having yogurt without me but I want to sleep in.

Aurora wanted her late meal a bit early so she came and sat on the cage and softly hissed at mom to get her to wake up. Mom got up to get the soup and Aurora went over to wait for it.

She is sleeping in the washer again today but I decided to have some time to myself in the closet.

Oh and one time when she was not ready to be up yet she went back in the washer but left her tail tip sticking out. Mom kept touching it when she went past but Aurora didn't pull it in. She left it that way to peek out. Mom notice her nose to the crack near her tail.

Feb 23rd
In case you all were wondering we are both sleeping in the washer today.

I felt the closet was a bit to close to the window shelf, but I will probably forgive the shelf tonight. See a screw pulled loose from the other top screw so it flipped down but didn't break. Mom was trying to fix it and complaining about these things always happening in the middle of the night but couldn't even though I was trying to help. Aurora just complained that there was too much commotion near her closet nest.

Mom thinks my fancy dismount put too much stress on the shorter screw. She got a large screw today and it all looks fine.

Mom also replaced a broken pole on the cat tree with pvc but mom had broken that herself. I'm not the only one that breaks things.

New cat tree tube
New cat tree tube

Fixed cat tree
Fixed cat tree

Feb 24th
Sleeping in the closet with Aurora. You know when mom fixed and cleaned my hammock the other day she found dried bits of avocado in it. Hey, I happen to know she likes to snack in bed too. I had hooked it with a claw and pulled it inside to eat.

Feb 25th 3:50PM
Up, had a good groom on the shelf now having a snack of soup. We are in the closet today.

Feb 26th 11:40AM
Was sleeping snug in the washer under the blanket but then got up for a morning snack and decided to join Aurora in the closet. She had some soup and we are snuggled together now.

Feb 27th 11:50AM
I am in the washer today and Aurora is in the closet nest. Maybe she was the wise one as the water heater was peeing on the floor so a new one is being put in today. That means de and con struction of my tower as the water heater is inside that big box tower. I hope it doesn't get too noisy.

I did peek out at the work when it first started getting noisy(water heater getting replaced) but after a bit of supervising I went back in and stayed in. It sure took them awhile. Something about the in valve needing replaced and it not wanting to leave. I don't blame it. It's nice here.

Near the end Grampa asked me to come out and help. I ignored him but mom did point out that I have a strong grip. Yep I probably could have got that valve loose in no time but a queen does not get her paws dirty, unless it's for something fun, like a rotten log.

Feb 28th 12pm
I was sleeping in the washer curled around the agitator but after I got up for a snack I went to the closet to have some of Aurora's soup. Then Aurora got up but we were out of soup so we got some yogurt. Mom then changed the closet nest blanket.

Mom's spidey senses were tingling or she's just uber paranoid and she decided to get Beaker's leg checked now so he goes this after noon. The vet will also get a load of :poop: as she knows Beaker's got them as one peeked out his butt wiggling around and looked at her. I'm sure his past owner never wormed him and it might be a tape worm. My poop will also be checked as well since I've been loose.

If my poop is clear mom thinks I may just need to quit the yogurt. It seems unfair but Aurora always had too hard and not frequent enough poops till she got the yogurt but mine were fine but are more frequent and too soft now but I will still protest if she cuts me off. Also Aurora's soup has some yogurt in it as she wont eat it without and I've been stealing that too. I think we may be at an impasse on that part.

Beaker's poop was clear but tapeworms can be hard to test for and they said that would be what mom saw peeking out and waving at her so Beaker has been given a pill for that. His leg is healing nicely but not quite ready yet. She said at least a couple more weeks. Mom's spidey senses were fairly good he did have a sore on the back of his leg so he's been cleaned up and re-splinted and padded with anitbiotic powder applied.

My pooped tested clear of all hebegebees and giardia as well. So mom can try her tricks and diet changes to see how that goes with firming my poops back up.

March 1st
Sleeping in the closet on Aurora. Mom laced my yogurt with dirt last night and I only got a little bit, she called it bentonite clay. I didn't poop last night. That's a good thing. I'm only supposed to poop every other day. If after a bit I don't I go back to loose poops without the clay I'm gonna loose the yogurt snacks. :-(

Shopping day for the humans and the dogs got bully sticks. They are thrilled. Hyzzie waited till Beaker chewed his a bit soft on the end then traded him. Quasi used to do that to her. Seems she's using his old dog tricks. Let the youngster do the hard part.

March 3rd 12:30AM
My poop was a little less soft last night but mom just gave me the clay one of the two nights, we do need to go slow and careful as it can constipate. I slept in the washer today and Aurora had the closet, though she was in my princess hammock till she managed to wake mom with her complaints about breakfast not being out yet.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Aurora got up a bit early and had yogurt without me. And I've heard rumors of some wake up ketchup being ready laced with some clay instead of yogurt for me. I am not yet ready to leave my washer however.

I voluntarily ate more of my own food and less of Aurora's soup last night, doesn't that count for anything(yogurt)?

11:25 AM
Pooped last night but it was better 2/3 looked like a deflated log the last bit was formed.

I got the washer again and Aurora the closet. I like this arrangement best. I did still steal some of her soup though.

March 4th
Aurora and I switched. She has the washer and I have the closet. My poop looked pretty good last night and we spent some time playing.

March 5th
Got up had some ketchup and a bit of yogurt and then went to the washer to nap with Aurora. She had yogurt without me and she had more than I got!

I got the washer and Aurora the closet. My poop was okay last night but softer than last time. Yogurt is looking more and more guilty here. We'll try no yogurt and no clay and see if it still firms up.

March 6th
So more poop. I did not poop last night but Aurora did. Mom says her poops are perfect. That's just because she's abnormal. Without the yogurt she poops only once a week or less. I want more yogurt too! The only yogurt I got was the dregs and drools left after Aurora was done. I got ketchup though.

Oh anyway I got the washer again and Aurora stayed in the closet.

I got up for some treats and after some self debate and pacing I have decided to sleep in my hammock for awhile.

Pua and Aurora in the closet nest
Pua and Aurora

We are trying to sleep here

We are trying to sleep here


Morning snack
Morning snack

Coming down the tower
Coming down the tower

March 7th
Mom made the mistake of trying a different brand of biotin and Aurora is starting to show signs of fur issues again. So the good stuff has just been ordered again NOW Foods Biotin. That was working awesomely for her.

Playing and running around the shelves with Aurora. Mom can only hear us though since the lights are out. That's the way we like it.

I have the washer again and Aurora has the closet. Not sure why she's being a closet body again but I'll enjoy my washer while I got it.

March 8th 2:30AM
Aurora's been up for awhile and had yogurt. There was a tiny bit of yogurt left in the cup mom put my ketchup in. That was yummy. In my hammock now and Aurora's coming to join me.

Aw she got in the hammock but then left. I think she knew mom was looking.

Playing with Aurora in the closet now.

Mom changed the closet blanket so it would be nice. Change was not appreciated so Aurora is sleeping the washer with me down in the blanket.


So That's trying to catch up.

Beaker did get his splint off two weeks after that last visit though they put it on different and he kept getting it off and mom and to keep rewrapping it. He would get it off, lick it like crazy or if it fell off outside he'd do zoomies, much against DRs orders but all turned out fine.

My poops got firm again and I can even still have some yogurt. Getting spray cheese helps but maybe the old batch of yogurt was a little off, even though Aurora's poops were fine.