Ori Cinco RIP 01/23/2011-03/28/2013

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Ori Cinco RIP 01/23/2011-03/28/2013
Ori Cinco RIP 01/23/2011-03/28/2013
Pua, "We have some very bad news. Ori Cinco was found dead under her favorite sleeping shelf at the conservation center. She was just fine hours before so it is guessed she broke her neck but there will be an autopsy.

I will give Aurora some extra attention. We are in the washer together. Mom is devastated. When Aurora was so paranoid about loosing baby Ori mom promised to never take her away but she was sent off for her health when she got grossly overweight and thought it was a good idea to stay longer since she was enjoying some male company.

We know it was just a freak accident though. Could have happened here too. We've all taken some pretty spectacular falls here and been just fine. I guess she was very unlucky and fell just wrong. Maybe we will add some railing around my tower.

Love you babe. Find Stewie he was just a bit younger than you when he crossed over. He'll show you around."

 OriCinco was due to be reunited with her family and come home soon but was found dead under her favorite high shelf. It is presumed she fell and broke her neck but an autopsy is being performed. May Stewie be there to guide her on her new journey.
The first three songs are all the transformation song From brother bear first native, then both then fully transitioned to English. The last song is the funeral song from the same movie.