Eldorado update

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Pua and he were both up early but Pua didn't want to go out so I leashed him up and took him out for a bit then brought him back in.

Eldorado is trying with Pua. Night before last he was standing his ground but would keep his claws down as he stood there till pushed by Pua. Seems Eldorado read some notes on how to tame a wild animal. It's often said when taming an animal to just spend time quietly sitting near them. One time he spent some time last night sitting quietly at the edge of Pua's comfort zone. He took an unassuming position with his side to her and not looking at her. Pua was not happy but the boy is trying.

Last night after Pua had her time outside and I closed her in she just stayed in her washer and I played with her in there. She did not want to deal with him last night so was hiding out. Once he did get onto the sink from coming the long way around, other wise I was blocking him, and she came out to drive him off. There were tufts of Eldorado hair on the sink after and I notice now he has several places where she has pulled hair from him in these bouts. He hasn't hurt her and her claws are dull but seems she can still pull fur.

I feel so bad for them both right now. He's just trying to settle in and she just wants him gone, gone, gone. I did play with him some last night too. He likes attacking the stuffed toys and poking at them. He'd like an anteater friend but Pua is having no part of it. And poor Pua is so insecure now in her own room.

I still hope being the same sub species and oddly mellow she will take better to the new guy when he comes to try out.


  1. Ragtatter Says:

    At least it sounds like he's going about it the right way. After all, things would be a lot worse if he were too bold or confrontational with her.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds as if he has come along a good bit on a personal level though.

    "The New Guy" is ready to visit whenever you want him. My 7 year old daughter was his (and her Kinkajou's) handler at an Exotic Animal Show a few days ago, so you know he's a pretty mellow guy.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like getting a beat down by Pua was actually a good thing for his "ego" -- even if Pua still hates him, it sounds like it has made ElD a better "man."

    Mandua is ready whenever you are, just remember, he is ultra-laid back so don't let Pua kick his ass and pull his hair! (*LOL*)

    Are you going to put a gab between ElD leaving and Mandua arriving?

    Mandua tussles with Ta'Ma but nothing serious -- and they still do their "business."....

    Animals are funny!

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    Pua used to play fight with Stewie all the time. Did you see the video I posted of Pua attacking Eldorado? All the hissing and growling is enough to show she's serious. P&S were quiet when they played. In fact Eld is quiet when he plays with me. He plays rough though so I play with him(but don't let him get me) then let him attack a toy.

    Yeah it would be worse if he were really aggressive and fought back seriously with her. He is still to bold though. A sensible boy would back off and give her, her space for awhile. He just keeps coming back. But while he kind of starts it by getting in her space she is the one that always throws the first blow and he's not hurt her or pulled her hair.

    He really is doing great now as far as his relationship with me goes. He's not been a problem with the other pets either. The bunny presenting his head for grooming seems to creep him out but he just looked at him really weird then fled the bunny cage.

    I think it might work out okay without a break. It was surprising how normal Pua was with Just the break Eldorado decided to give her last night.

    I can keep them apart for a couple days then introduce him to her while holding him and vice versa. with him so mellow I might even be able to hold him and give her a treat so she learns he means good stuff, long as I hold him far enough away she doesn't want to defend her treat.