Pua's New Years Day Walk

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Ready to go

Time for a new years walk
Was good for her to run around since she hasn't much with her hours being weird.

She did a circle around the park
She did a cricle around the park
then I carried her to the trail

Running across the bridge
Running across the bridge
she squirmed out of her pull over but it was warm enough and she ran the trail.

Checking out some logs
Checking out some logs
She went into a hallow log and clawed around. I had hold of her tail. So A guy walks by while I have my hand inserted in this log. Half way by curiosity gets him and he asked what we have there and my mom answers an anteater. So I clarified, my pet anteater, so he wouldn't think we were some fools that thought we caught a wild anteater or something. So his response was just, oh okay I was wondering. Said as if the whole thing was perfectly reasonable. Yep, anteaters in the woods happens all the time.

Heading home
Heading home
We also had a lady with a blind mostly deaf little dog pass us but I think she knew us from when we had the pet store. She just waved the first time as we were at a cross roads. The second time she came up behind us and Pua got nervous and I picked her up as they passed. She said about her being blind and said she was probably wondering what that smell was.

Is it safe to get out?
Is it safe to get out?
She heard a dog barking somewhere. Once she decided to move she ran for the door and once inside went like lightening into the washer.


  1. Unknown Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Pua!!! and family, too!
    I love these pics of her and always enjoy her so much.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing as always

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    Thank you.

    Happy New Year!