Pua Night

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Where'd the pet door go

Maybe I can dig out

I see the pet door but can't get through

Scratching break

Chair Play

(new night)

tried taking Pua out after she woke up but she wasn't impressed because it wasn't her idea

So when she came in she retreated to her cage top and moped about it awhile

The high life

brought her food to her figuring she would feel better after eating

After a nap she wanted back out

a scary noise

She runs to the back part of the yard I pick her up take her back to the frunt and she does it all over again, and over and over

Yummy waffles

Hyzzie followed us out and ate the bird offerings

checking things out

I'm thinking I might like to go out again

a snack on the crate

Still a little moody I brought her food again

she settled in for awhile after that but is sniffing out the window now