Pua Park Walk

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trying to upload in order but this camera downloads to comp out of order so my best guesses.

Happy tail

Tried to take her on a trail with more sun but she wanted to go another way

Pua likes to be near the river

Should I climb today?

She started on a few trees but never tried to go up

Into the woods

on the beach

Thinking about swimming across

it's very cold water now so didn't let her try going in.


hard to get non-blurry pics when she's running all over

corkscrew tail

heading back she was starting to wear down

But wait I don't want to go back

My favorite of the day


Heading back to the car

Drooping tail

Tired but trying to keep her tail off the ground

dragging but just for a bit

She did a lot of grooming when we got home and ate a good meal then napped