Pua Kitty

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Just grooming

One of her favorite places to groom is on the cat condo. This is to show how it started out as a normal evening. then I tried to take a pic of her snuggled with me and she started clawing at the dangling lens cap so snatched that moo cow kitty toy you see behind her then the fun began

This went over great! She pawed and kicked and grabbed and swatted at it just like a kittty

I'm in the process of filling down her nails, because the nail clipper broke so they are varying lengths of mostly to long still. The one is to short due to it had a crack so cut it off just behind the crack. I only mention as I thought people might notice.

I got you

If she had teeth she would have been biting at it to so insted she just sniffed and poked at it with her claws

OOPS it got away

it's on an elestic string so the toy bounced out of frame. She looks so funny without the toy to add context

Ah the sweet smell of cat nip

Maybe that's why she likes the cat bed so much it's got a cat nip cushion in there.

notice her kicking at it with her feet

Oh and do apologize for the dirty feet but she doesn't wear shoes and that dirt seems to get ground in when she takes a walk.


  1. c.j.h. Says:

    Again, marvelous pictures. It is interesting that she likes catnip.

    I didn't notice the nail crack, but I have noticed that one nail is much longer than the others...that is normal, right?

    Also, are they really sharp? Don't they hurt when she kneads your arm?

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    The one is supposed to be bigger than the others. the normally medium one was cut short due to the crack so you wouldn't see the crack but it was really short and blunted flat.

    here's one of her claws at decent length though it was taken to show her palms and my finger is over the one in question. She has four visible fingers and claws one pinky finger joints hidden but felt inside her hand.

    the two outside claws are small and the really big claw then the other next to it is medium not to thick but longer than the short ones maybe half the length of the big one.

    They aren't really sharp. They come to a dull point naturally but don't even regain their points well if not used and worn down of filed to help.