Late night Insanity

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I'm in a lazy mood so just copied the set page each photo has some of the story in the title and description like normal just click the first of the mass of thumbnails below and scroll through them all :)
See what happens when you don't clean the lint trap

took enough photos I'll make it it's own set. Pua was hyper and did everything she could think of, climbing the walls, climbing the curtains, climbing the CD shelf, in the dryer, on a lader and more not captured on film.


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Photos are from between 23 Feb 07 & 24 Feb 07.
I want to go outside This isn't as easy as I thought Pua on the curtain Stoping for a tail scratch I can smell outside Clinging to the door seem Uh ho that's a long way down Never as easy going down as up Pua takes flight Up the Cd shelf again I think we should listen to this one tonight Always getting stuck Thank you for opening the door now go away See what happens when you don't clean the lint trap Warning: may contain bouts of late night insanity Hey there's a light in here Pick me up and take me outside I'll climb up you Pua on my shoulder Trying a fresh angle Oh Dear Climbing the walls Looks like solid ground up there This isn't what I planned Peeking out the window Trying to get down Trying to find some footing 100_0147.jpg I know there was a shelf here somewhere


  1. Anonymous Says:

    woah!! How/where did you get a tamandua? Are you a vetrinarian or something? I am just wondering because I go to University of California, Irvine and our mascot is the anteater and my Water Polo team mates and I always talk about how great it would be to have a live anteater! The Santa Ana zoo is supposed to be getting one, but not that could come to our games.

  1. Silvia Masetti Says:

    Amazing! I didn't know that anteaters were so nimble. In fact, I've already seen a video with Pua climbing, but now I realize that she likes A LOT climbing!
    She keeps you busy, I guess.
    Silvia from Italy

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    no I've worked with exotics for several years and studied into anteaters before getting one though. I'm in OR and the laws are a little less strict here.

    In CA you need two years of experience with the species you want to get the state license and then you'd need USDA as well to show it in public. Some states make special exceptions for collages due to they might need to study the animals but I'm not sure if CA has any special regulations for is a school wants the license. they'd still need to do some sort of educational shows with it though and not just a mascot.