New pics from My new camera

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New pics from My new camera

Toe licking

Doing a Jig

Was really scratching her tail and leaning on the windowsil

Aren't I cute

Just look at that little head tilt

Reaching out to get me

Oh Yeah... That's the spot

She loves those hand rubs

Standing up

Back Scratching

An interesting Pose I think

Scratching her back

Arm rub

Arm Massage

On her perch

Back Scratching

Into the bunny pen

Drinking rabbit water

I think Pua has been licking Jupiter at night. He had lots of little sticky spots all over his back the other morning.

It seems to taste sweeter than the dog bowl. Excuse the bunny he's being streated for skin thing.

Coming for me

I think this was the actual first pictureThe damage done so far to Jupiter's throne

Quasi in his cribEating a treat

Coming from Jupiter's penHyzzie Girl "got any treats?"Quasi perching on the couch


  1. c.j.h. Says:

    Is Jupiter afraid of Pua? He looks like he's keeping his distance in that picture, but I don't know bunnies very well.

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    No he was scared of her at first. He at first avoided her and if she came up to him in his cage he came claws at her looking like a pissed off cat then he got braver and just would go offensive and chase her out of his cage if she came in but was fine if he was out with her. Now he doesn't care. She can come in and get a drink while he's laying in his hay basket and he don't budge. He has actually licked her tail a few times when it was hanging into his cage within reach.

  1. Unknown Says:

    Pua is just a little darling!