Pua photo shoot

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Poor Pua got woken up during the day for this. Since I passed my USDA I will be doing animal education shows soon with Pua if all goes smoothly. So started on a webpage today and didn't have an example type picture of me handling Pua that might pass for an Ed show moment. I figured out the timmer on the camera and set it up then started taking pictures of me and a confused Pua.

The first ones came out awful due to a poor choice in wall colors then I found a nice blue wall so will Put the nicer pics first.

I tested all was well with Jupiter first

So then I woke Pua up for her second round of photos

turns out Pua's better at smiling than I am

I quit after this one. I mean you can't beat having the tongue out even if she is on the way. So will use this pick and will link to an info page about what I'll do and a few more pictures there

The failed shots this one the camera wasn't set up right but darn she was posed well

This one was okay but my eyes were red and kinda fixed them after but even Pua looks sickly infront of that green wall