Road trip

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We went to sisters. Hit a rock on the way over the mountain and had to buy a new tire and rim once we got there. They got a pit stop and we stopped and picniced at one place and they were nice and brought a bowl of water for Q&H.

Didn't take any pics on the way there but here's one of Quasi on the boardwalk waiting while his grampa buys a suit.

"Come on let's explore more!"
Hyzzie on the board walk.

Quasi says it is abuse to make him move into the shade for a pic and refused to sit on the cold grass.

Hyzzie didn't mind but was distracted by the people.

Possing on the wagon.

Heading home and tired as a dog.

Even Hyzzie slept.

Home sweet home.

Just kidding was an abandoned cabin.

This was what greated me when I did get home. Pua has seperation anxiety. She also got poop all over herself again.