anteaters, puppies, and snow. Oh my!

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Pua was walking about the house and took her into the living room with me and she decided to play and a video was taken. Part way through she stops and grabbs my arm. She is kneading my arm like a cat, giving a massage so I do the same to her arm :) then more play. I choose Joseph arthur - You're So True to cover the Tv background noise for the lyrics "I'm strange and you're so strange"

All photos and video off my fathers camera because mine is dead now.
Photo of our anti-suicide-dive-bombing-birdy window painting
Looks much better from the outside

Kat is no fan of snow
Our tree yesterday

The snow yesterday been snowing on and off today too

Hyzzie in the snow yesterday

She wore a coat today and I tossed snowballs around for her the snow was much deeper and eventualy her coat got so snow crusted it came open so took her back in.

Our tree last night

More trees today

Our back yard this morning before Hyzzie ran all over

Our tree today

Neighbors tree I needed this pic because it was just so pretty last night

The surrounding hillsides

Hyzzie before going out in the snow

Quasi is hiding but he did join us for a bit just to see what we nuts were doing out there


  1. Fox Says:

    I remember this, but there was only Q&H at the time. Well if there anteater and puppies that must mean something :P I got snow too and it still asn't melt yet. Seeing it fall at night with a full moon. Now that something, even so I went out to get my puppies with my bare feet.

    Hmm this would be Pua first snow.. She seem to like it :)