Why Pua Got a Bath

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And thankfully it wasn't because she rolled in poop this time.

I've been thinking it would be time soon due to her tendancy to bath in her food and pet wipes only doing so much.

She does claw in her food a little less if she has a towl to dig her claws into.

We then played in the closet. I left for a second to do something and she started crying! Came back and she was fine and wanted to play more. Pua is officialy spoiled now.

In the middle of playing she suddenly stopped and began licking and grooming between her toes.

She was pretty fixated on it so was mean and gave her the bath. She had been itching more lately too so it was coming anyway.

And for those that can see a video of her grooming in the closet.
was cute she at one point tried to lick at her tail base and can't quite reach.

I did take pics of her bath this time but the batery died so will have to wait till tomarrow since my charger is at work.