Hyzzie finds a mound

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It was rainy on Monday but Tuesday it cleared for a bit so Q&H got to go to the park.

Hey I smell something in here

Hello anybody in here?

Maybe they didn't hear me I'll did deeper

Come out, come out whatever you are.

Maybe it'll come up this mound instead

Maybe you didn't dig deep enoug hHyzzie

Fooey it wont come out

Oh now this tree has some good smells

Let me smell too.

What's that?
Quasi actualy sniffed noses nicely with it. Hyzzie started doing zoomy circles trying to get it to play chase so it ran up a tree.

Pua found a new use for her toy it makes a good seat

Or maybe she was trying to hatch it and make more

First you wake up early to go to work and leave me all alone. Now you say you want to make the bed? How mean can you get. I just made it perfect can't you tell?

That's better. Ya gotta apreciate a good nest.