Pua in the park

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But first Pua in a box.
Woke her yesterday for a walk in the yard then she came in and didn't want to go in her cage right away so she ran around a bit and wound up in Kat's new box. My dad made a two story rectangular box with a hole on the side bottum and this one in top. Guess Pua was used to the ritual of walking her then finding a place to hide.

Today I took Pua to the park. We took Q&H first and I saw a ant nest in the ground but couldn't spot it when I had Pua and she wanted to get moving.

Down the boat ramp.

off to the side of the ramp near the bottum.

She peed in this spot.

Continueing along the beach like bank.

She ignored the water this time.

Hmm this sort of looks like a trail out of here

she made it up but it was a little steep and loose dirt so took her a bit of effort.

On the bike trail.

Taking a short cut across the grass.

She stopped at the amphatheater only to be blocked by another closed door. She checked it all over but found no wat to get through the door. She does not like closed doors.

She found this tree interesting and went back and forth around it a few times. Then we had a lady ask about her. Actualy had a lady with a dog ask before from a distance too. First time to run into anyone in the park. A jogger just missed seeing us last week in the woods.

By now this was a long walk but she went across the bridge onto the woodland trail. We ran into a small group of people here as she got across ans started back. I let them pet her then she turned again back into the woods.

She went a ways then finaly turned around but she kept stopping trying to find a place to sleep. Last week she found a hallow stup and dug a nest and curled up so carried her back. This week I got her to walk back pretty well.

Here's a video of her digging a bit. It's limited time again but in the futre might might sign up for youtube so they are saved and available.

Last pic of her going across the sand box area.
I got her to walk till we got almost to the car then she came over climbed up my leg across my shoulders and went into her bag. She'd finaly had enough at about 2hr total at the park.
I fed her when we got hom and she kept kissing my face so think she enjoyed it. Quite a bit but she was happy to be back in her hammock again.