A little behind

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These are mostly last weeks photos

Quasi sitting on Hyzzie's boyfriend and trying to use it as a bed.

Hyzzie's boyfriend is a giant stuffed chihuahua she likes to spend time with.

Hyzzie was sitting next to me and whined and looked over and saw she was looking at this.
She thought Jupiter was dead.

He was just taking a nap

Pua at the shop. She had her walk and was mad the door was closed to the bathroom. She wanted to sleep behind the toilet.
A tail curled to the side is not a sign of happiness like curled up. She does this if she hears a weird noise or is annoyed with me. She was grumpy trying to find a good spot to sleep.

Checking out the books I'm selling online. She likes boxes to curle up in.

Checking out another box.

Oh no another closed door.

Time for a cratch on both ends

she wound up in one of her usual spots.

I thought Quasi was guarding my socks or sweater but he was guarding that bag of cat food that tipped over.