Sometimes you just need a break

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Pua got two pics from the photo shoot. Unfortunatly I look deranged. I don't smile well on command :)

First an older pic of Pua sleeping curled up. She likes to sleep on her own head.and an older eating pic.
and an update since I've not posted in a bit. I rearanged my room on one of my days off then when Pua got up later she had fun exploring and spent a lot of the night tromping around snorting in disguest. She seems to like the lay out now though. She spends a bit of each evening checking it out. she doesn't climb much just walks around. First night she climbed into her cage then needed help finding her way back out. Now she's better but prefers the bottum door open to the top.

Last night Pua decided it was a good night to just not get up.
So she just looked at me from variouse angles.

And stretched a few times but missed those shots. She'd grab onto the top of the cage and stretch out.

So she got fed in bed.

And she wanted me to join her.

Some grooming.

"crawl in with me and we can both take a nap together"

"the hand is nice but really this hammock is comffy"

"Oh neat let me see that flashy thing"

Tail end of a yawn
Finaly out of the bed but not out of the cage(videos[temporary hosting])

She stood on the frame of her door lifted up arms wide and said take your best shot. So I hooked a finger like a claw and clawed at her like I saw some giants do in play. She loves this. The vid was taken towards the end of play as she was loosing intrest though. We now play quite a bit each evening.
Claw fight

She still wouldn't come out on her own so I misted her with some water and she groomed

Finaly left her be with both doors open she came out the top and crawled around the side of her cage.

She's spent some time each night exploring. Here she checked outher carrier. This morning I realized she had used it as an outhouse and peed on the blanket in there so will try putting a pad in it for her at night. Well beats her peeing in my bed, lol.

Today at work after she got fed up with me she found a new place to sleep.

I let her stay awhile since she was cute up there.

I got her down then when she went up there later gave her her hammock and she nuggled into it.

Pua pet and peaves.

Pua loves buttons. At first I just thought she wanted to undress me but she went for the buttons of the same shirt when it was off. She might like a pillow with big buttons sown on or one of those baby toys with buttons and zippers ect.

Pua hates being woken from naps and especial woken to be drug out on leash to pee in the morning. But of course she's fine waking me up for pets or play or food.

Pua likes to explore around the house and shop. She used to love going outside but doesn't seem to any more or at least for now doesn't.

Pua likes sitting on my computer.

Pua does not like the noises the computer makes and gets quite bothered by it making noise while she's eating and has snorted at the computer to shut up.

Pua likes lots of attention but no one but me should touch her while she's eating.

Pua likes to be watched and touched by me when she's eatting and gets offened if I dare read or take my eyes off of her to do something else though there are times when she's okay eating for a bit on her own.

Pua does not like being alone unless it's by her own choice.

Pua has no intrest in tearing things appart like other anteaters but she does have the instinct to claw at her food when eating.

She especialy deislikes chunks of anything in her food. Everything must fit through a small screan kitchen strainer or she will be more likely to claw a mess of things.

I think Pua must have been a savanah dweller since she can climb but wont very much.

Pua doesw not like baths but has learned to be good about them. Bathing her the first time was the only time I ever heard her growl.

Pua rules!