The common animals

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"Now mommy that's not right. We're not common"~Hyzzie
Hmm okay the non-exotic animals

Gotton a bit behind in updates but here's a few.

A log on a Q&H hike.

"I think I heard a chipmunk"
This is such a nice trail but unfortunatly it was blocked part way up by a huge log. I could have gotton over and Q&H under but their granma couldn't have done either.So we went to the park and across the bridge on that trail.

As always the grass is nice out here.
Then Hyzzie wanted to go in the park a bit.
Quasi didn't mind he got to sniff more.

Hyzzie played scratch, sniff and roll. She wont roll where a real smell is she just likes to trick Quasi into rolling because he wont unless there is a smell.

Her trick worked this time.

One happy poochy

Actualy caught the tail end of a yawn he was wiped out.

The insanity of a bunny.

Jupiter likes to hang out on his two story whicker bed.

He destroyed the basket I put on top to try and save it then chewed this hole. He wont be able to hang out up there if he eats it all. I may make him a wood house if he destroyes this.

Quasi pictures.

MOM, she's in my spot!!Now where do I sleep?

It's a very comfy spot too.

Q&H got new toys this is Hyzzie's

Hyzzie's toy flipped over.

Guess this spot will do.

Quasi and his toy just as he left it.