Snow day

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So loooked out my window yesterday morning and saw this and thought about staying home.

I did stay home but mostly I just needed a day off. I've been real tiredly lately. I'm back to work today though. Here's the tree out front yesterday morning.

Quasi and Hyzzie were not happy about the snow. Quasi didn't come out from under the overhang and Hyzzie went running right out into the snow skidded to a halt then turned right around. I was mean though and made them walk out to the sidewalk.

"I wanna go back in now"

So had to see how Jupiter would react to the snow and put him out in the yard on leash. He did better than the dogs. Since Hyzzie loves him so much she braved the snow to play with him and found out the snow isn't so bad.

Attack! Hyzzie would so love it if Jupiter would learn to wrestle.

Hey a bare spot

*shake shake* I think Hyzzie got snow in her ears

*sniff sniff* What you digging for?

On our second walk we went a bit farther.

"hey looks like my boyfriends home!" Hyzzie so loves that black lab down the street from us.

Later Hyzzie learned to play in the snow. I tossed snow balls for her to chase and she couldn't figure out why she couldn't find them. she even thought the neighbors somehow got her balls when she noticed them tossing snowballs around their yard. "those theives" She was trying to find a way over so I threw another snow ball and distracted her. Finaly she was getting frustrated but wouldn't give up so went and got her tennis ball and threw that.

That made a whole new game. she would pounce and dig it out and kick it around then toss it herself and start all over again like a fox going after a mouse in the snow.

My dad's snow man.