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Okay a couple months behind isn't bad compared to last year right? If you follow me elsewhere you know why already. If not then you are about to find out.

March 6
Anty log

March 8 · Giving Mom some loving pokes
Loving pokes
Snuggle time

March 11 · Aurora was shocked to find Mom up playing with me in the nest but after a careful inspection she turned her back on her to eat her ants then returned to her box till lights out.
Aurora came by
Photo BombPhoto bomb

Mossy Log
Mossy log time

March 11 ·

After flashing the camera around under the bed to find my glasses I discovered Aurora plugs her entrance hole to her box with her blanket. Now no one can disturb her.

March 12 · Aurora: I thought the time was supposed to jump forward an hour? But I got up and the human was still up! Back in my box till lights out.

March 21 · Thanks for the egg sandwich mom. It's yummy but maybe you could blend it next time.

Oh you were getting my supplements? Even better. Blue cheese!

Now off to the closet today.

Pua investigates my sandwich

Coconut filled egg
Coconut filled egg

March 26 · Aurora: I was on my way out from under the bed when the human began making a loud fuss "Ew, gross, OMG, ah" I continued on to the closet but a fuss continued to be made and the lights came back on so I returned to my box.

I mean I get it the dog(Beaker) chose that moment to up chuck on your arm. But this is my time. You're supposed to be quite.

March 27 · Aurora starts the day in the closet so I have left the washer the last couple day to be with her then when mom gets up she leaves the closet for her box but I have had some nice play and snuggle time with mom in the closet. We need a go pro to strap to her head so you can see me play.


Just chillin by the window
Pua chillin

April 2 · Lots of play and snuggled time last night. At one point mom stuck her pinky in my ear and that felt so good. Then I smelled this wonderful stuff on her finger and licked it off. I kept poking an clicking at her finger but I couldn't get more out of it. That stuff was great. Mom needs to share more of it.

April 4 · Ikigai the fennec fox has arrived. Beaker is skeptical. Aurora and I(Pua) don't care long as he doesn't get into our business but dinner was late last night.
Tiny Fox in a pod
We have a ton of photos and videos. Will soon have a blog post with them up over at:

Ikigai is Here!

Things I Learned on Day Two with a Fennec Fox

Things I Learned on Day Two with a Fennec Fox

One Pound Five Ounces of Pure Crazy

One Pound Five Ounces of Pure Crazy

 April 8 · He's got his own wall now:

April 8 · Yes I'm still here. The new fellow found his way across the cat walk and into the log activity center as I was entering it myself. I just gave him a sniff and went about my business. He's not Beaker so he's okay. He kind of reminds me of Jake as a kitten.

Then mom took him down and got me my blue cheese. Well he zoomed back up and came to share my blue cheese. I was surprised but was okay with it and went back to eating. But the little snot made a possessive move so I went to mom for help and she put him into his condo for the night.

April 8 · Aurora: The new little rat tried to come say "hi" to me while I was on the way to my box this morning but the servant held him back. Good but then he realized I was in the box and was digging at the bed next to the box. I was forced to leave my box to make my displeasure known. The situation was remedied by his having a time out in his condo wile the servant went off to do something then he was over it after that. I guess the service wasn't too bad today.

April 10 ·
Aurora: So rude

April 13 · Aurora and I went on a fridge raid last night but it was latched. Aurora waited on the ground to keep watch while I climbed up the desk to better try and open it. I got stuck. Mom came and pet Aurora. Once Aurora noticed she left. Some guard she turned out to be. Then mom rescued me.

April 13 ·
Aurora Takes a Stroll

April 15 · Oh snacks!

Playtime with Pua
Pua play time
Elisive Pua

April 17 · Aurora hogging the washer
Aurora hogging the washer

April 19 ·
We lost a bunch of subscribers when I started posting fennec videos must have been strictly anteater lovers. Oh well they are missing out as I am also making a point to post more anteater videos as well but they are both old ladies now who like to get up at Pua's Mommy's bed time so there's only so much I can do there.
Oh well not begging for subscribers but if you like both foxes and anteaters, we have the channel for you
Anteaters and more

April 22 ·
We now have instagram. Will probably be all the same content as here and Ikigai Tenko's page but all in one place.

April 23 · Pomegranate juice is yummy!

April 27 at 12:33pm · We're both in the closet nest today. Aurora cooing in her sleep. She sounds like a pigeon.

April 27 at 5:05pm · And now Aurora is practicing her ghostly moans.

April 29 at 11:53pm · Woke up hungry. Gonna eat all my snacks right now!

Though most of the video is Aurora snubbing me.

May 1 at 9:19pm ·
Not really ghostly moaning tonight. Maybe going for a yeti impression before the more usual snoring.
With photo of Pua