It's been a pretty calm couple of weeks

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January 15 at 4:18pm
After snuggle time with mom last night I headed for the box to wake Aurora but I stopped short, sniffed and left till it was safer to be in an enclosed space with her. Later, once the air was breathable, I did wake her for playtime in her box.

January 18 at 8:16pm
Aurora: I had to stare at the human and think hard at her to wake her up to get me some ants this morning. She took her sweet time stretching and getting up because she thought I was Pua, hmph, Pua was over at the dinning area but she got a treat before me. The servant said it was to keep her from rushing over to take mine. I think I should have been served first.

January 20 at 4:04pm
Been pretty calm and contented lately. Spending some quality snuggle time with mom each night. Last night I hugged her hand nice and tight while I napped.

January 25 at 4:00pm
Aurora has spent yesterday and today in her box. She's got a nice fluffy blanket. I had the washer yesterday and took the closet today. It's nice to have some space.

January 26 at 12:43am
Quit touching me. I'm not in the mood for snuggles tonight.

January 26 at 10:58am
It's bad enough getting pulled from the washer for a meet and greet but do people have to squeal? What's with the squealing? I have gone to the closet nest to avoid any further disruptions.

I was good though because they brought our ants.

January 26 at 11:20am
Aurora: The human offered us samples of the new ants. They were vacuum sealed and yummy fresh. I decided this was one too many intrusions however, so after a big drink I have retreated to my box.

January 27 at 12:31am
Aurora comes out from her box, climbs to the closet, walks across Pua, squeezes between her and the wall, shoves Pua out of the way, "that's my spot"

Pua, yawns, goes back to sleep.

January 27 at 10:49pm
"Om... Om... Om... Mooooo" Oh Aurora's snoring again.

January 28 at 11:54pm
Like my goatee?

So Sleepy

Hello There

January 29 at 1:23pm
Time to chill awhile

January 29 at 11:47pm
Hey, you're letting all the cold air in. Now I'm gonna have to curl up, cuz Aurora's got all the blanket.
Snuggle Buddies

February 1 at 9:13pm
Aurora feet.
Tamandua Toes

Snow Covered River Bank
Snowy River bank

A clear trail
A snow free trail!

Snowy Log
Snow covered log

Lichen strings
Long lichen

Excited digging

Where to next
Where to next?

Rust Close up
Rust close up

Hallow stump in ivy
Stump with ivy


A couple ravens
Two Ravens

Trying to climb the stump
He really wanted up there
He couldn't make it

Jake digging in a box
Jake digs at a box

Jake in a box
Jake in a Box