January 2016

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This was sitting unpublished for some reason. Also I notice that the Fb photos break eventually. I may try to remidy the old posts someday but after this one will use flickr only but for the broken ones clicking the FB link(the date) will take you to the post and photos.
We avoided getting up till 1 am then Aurora and I had soup then I came down and got a sip of champagne then took a nap in my princess hammock. We played a bit and Aurora turned in early. I think she didn't sleep as well in the closet nest with me as she does in the washer.

January 1 ·
Pua's Mommy: With everyone sleeping in the washer today, I decided it was time to give their closet nest a make over. I guess I could have put the stickers a bit higher, oh well. Now no more holes in the closet walls. (their favorite place to make holes).

Golden Egg

Ah Ah *click* Choo
Tail hug
Tail hug

Aurora: This new scenery is so relaxing.

Now they can't unplug the drier vent and washer and sink hoses, or poke holes in them and flood the place, yay!

I screwed 2 huge, thick lids I had into the shelves and secured them in place, yeah bungee and rope was involved ;) Then covered them with some extra white boards and decals.

I've had the lids in place for awhile to be sure it would keep them at bay and it has.

PS I can't have my books upright as Aurora runs across them and knocks them down.

Testing the new bath area. Seems to work the same.
January 7 ·
Happy 16th Birthday, Hyzzie!!!

Tribute album I did for Hyzzie on her birthday.

{ She lived until June. Shy of the 17yrs I hoped but 16.5yrs is pretty good. This is why I fell back to a year behind again. She was so special and it still huts.}
I thought what mom used to clean the sink smelled nice so I rolled around in the sink grooming myself. She said she rinsed it all away but I could still smell it.

I walked across the laptop last night while mom was sleeping and almost reposted the last post . Hint hint, I really liked that smell mom.

Pua: Picking at the heat lamp's bulb when mom turned her back to get her something(it was unplugged)

Mom: Don't pick at that. There's no treats in there. You wont like what happens if you get it open.

Pua: Really? Well we need more pinatas.

Mom reached up to give me a pet, last night, when I climbed onto the cat tree and I latched onto her hand and hugged it tight and held it down so she couldn't leave, even though she had been going to get me a treat. I needed some love.

After some time Aurora came by and shoved me up the tower platforms and followed/pushed me up the wall. Then I ran with her on my heals over to the washer then I went up the tower hoping for play time. She chose to pace around till she got a fresh blanket instead.

There best be bugs in this log
There best be bugs in this log

There may be bugs in this log
There may be bugs in this log

So sleepy

Today's story requires letting a cat out of the bag. Mom is planning to get me a pet fennec this year. Not sure why. I mean I didn't ask for one, but it's happening.

Well mom has been building it a nice big fennec condo, where our old unused cage used to be. Our cage topper is still on top of it though. Mom's just waiting for some connectors to finish putting the cage wiring on. So the stage is set for the story.

Aurora likes to explore more than I do and wandered into the condo at ground level and worked her way up the ramps till she got into the playroom level. This is the only finished level cage wise and the cage doors were clamped shut.

There is a ramp up to the penthouse level but it was blocked with wire waiting to be fastened. So she was trapped! She began clawing at the wire right where the door happened to be but nothing happened other than waking mom up.

So mom came to let her out and Aurora bolted to freedom. Now we have an effective Aurora trap. Apparently it never occurred to her to go back down the ramps.

The plus side if a tamandua can't get the door open we're set on security. Aurora came out the other side by the desk form this photo.

Pua: No, don't go Aurora. I'll hug you tight and hold you here with my arms and feet and tail. I'll poke your hands. Don't go, I'll...

Aurora: OMG chill out. I was only changing positions.
It's a little cool today so we are all balled up.

Aurora is in heat so partied/rampaged last night. She tossed books around, knocked over my water vase, took the decorative lantern off the wall and dropped it, ran around the place and looked at the fridge a few times but left it alone.

Don't you wish your girlfriend had a snout like me? (caption contest winner Hans)

Oh darn mom you are so forgetful. It's almost too late but "The Catfish", a more secretive member of the family, is Pet of the Day.

The Catfish the Pleco is Pet of the Day for January 16, 2016

I was low on energy so came to ring the treat bell but it was too late. I hit empty and my legs slid out from under me and the nap attack hit.

Aurora: I started in the washer but was a bit restless. I got a cocktail then went to join Pua in the closet. Then the servant comes and I run over hoping for cocktail but she only came to change the water. I stomped back to the nest in disappointment. Got my hopes up about cocktail time and got water instead.

Aurora: So much energy. I ran around all night tossing books around and knocking around other things. Trying to get the human to let me outside. I got to go out this morning. Why is it so much colder out there?

Well I ran around anyway. I ran around the house then came in to warm up then go out and repeat numerous times. I explored inside some too. When I finally had enough running around outside time then I came in and ran around my room for a very long time.

Even when I tried to turn in I couldn't get comfy. The washer wasn't working for me. Pua was hogging the closet nest. I even tried digging into the stuffed toy box to nest. Finally Pua got tired of me running around and left for the washer to sleep.

Mission accomplished I have the closet nest to myself now,

Wait no, I have to runaround some more after all. Peeks in washer. Pokes Pua. Runs off. Settles back into closet nest.

Aurora has an active spurt during the day after an active night as well.

Aurora digging in the toy box.

Pua: Aurora finally had a calm night last night. We're both a bit restless today. I keep getting up to drink and now am having a vinegar bath. Aurora keeps getting up too.

Aurora: I just keep getting up because you keep jostling me. Why don't you go sleep in the closet or something?

Pua thinks the fennec condo's penthouse level is her new treat room. It makes her 14 pound self look small.

Aurora ponders how to take over the world.

Aurora: Sharing the washer today. Something keeps waking me so I go have a sip of soup and circle the room then back to bed for awhile before waking again.

Aurora: Pua is in the washer. She likes to sleep on the covers. that makes it hard to burrow down in. How am I supposed to sleep like this? Another up and down day.

Aurora discovered a weak point in the behind the washer barrier. She made the most of it in dramatic fashion. She unplugged both ends of the drier hose and the sink drain tube. Mom had drained the blood from the heart for our food into the sink then goes to wash out some water bowls. Here comes a bloody flood, horror movie style!

This made a lot of work for mom and she was grumpy. The weak point is now reinforced with a screw into the wooden ladder.

Was feeling off last night. I didn't want to move and only got up to drink. Aurora complained about my not wanting to play to mom but she doesn't want to play with mom so she was just venting and giving mom regular reports on my status.

Mom just brought me a garden grub grampa found. OMG that's awesome. Move your hand lower! NOM! I need 50 of these stat! You only have one? Drats. Well you need to stay and snuggle then.

Ah-ah no sneaking off *squeezes tighter* Starts to relax feels movement. Grabs hold and squeezes tight, repeat till sleep takes hold.

Oh grub number 2, don't mind if I do. *lick, lick lick, poke, poke lick lick* It's too big! I can't do it. I'll just curl up around your hand instead. A trick like that requires more snuggles.

Hey, what did I say about sneaking off. You know the drill.

Pua lay listlessly by her water bowl so she could drink with little movement. I thought she was dying.

Pua laid by her water bowl lethargic all night. She seemed to appreciate the heating pad. She moved to the closet again about 7am just called vet at opening. She has an appointment at 12.

Always a struggle with them. A vet visit could be too much stress and make things worse and sometimes letting them be they will bounce back. But my tamandua senses tell me this is different and we need the professional look and some blood. ~ Pua's mommy

After much poking, prodding, testing and analysis. It was determined that I have a classic case of pancreatitis, which mom says isn't near as dire as my behavior indicated it might be. Well, I behaved how I felt so I guess I felt pretty dire.

She said they don't give antibiotics for pancreatitis any more but I got b12 shots, appetite stimulants, orders to drink lots of water and start eating again, and narcotics to be used only if required(antiinflamitories are contraindicated since not eating).

Mom opened my crate at the washer and opened the washer but I don't want to share so I made my way back to the closet nest and had a drink before turning in.

Mom's note:  Many felt pancreatitis was actually very serious. I guess it's a bit different in dogs(anteaters) than people. Hyzzie introduced me to pancreatitis early on by vomiting up a big stomach full of bloody goo. Yeah that seemed very serious. She had many bouts with it over her life but none with dramatically bloody vomit after that. Quasi had a few bouts as well and Beaker even did it once(after Pua actually). So I've come to view it as not so serious. Actually last time I brought Hyzzie in for it was asked why I didn't just treat her at home, well that time she stopped drinking and was out of fluids(and that was after Pua as well so maybe was viral this time). Anyway normally not a deadly thing especially with supportive treatments.

Mom brought me some water. I drank a bunch but then heard an engine growl outside so quit.

Mom came and I thought she was bringing more water but she started trying to shove a tube in my mouth. I told her to cut it out but she wouldn't listen. She managed to get it in my mouth. I spit as much of that icky stuff back out as I could. Mom is disappointed but say's she'll try again tomorrow. I hope not. Something about not knowing how much if any appetite stimulant I got so not giving more now.

She did give me water after. I had some but I really just want to sleep. Well if she gives the pain meds later at least that's a shot. That's kind of better.

I mean getting a pill in this tiny mouth, even a tiny one is no easy feat. So was mixed with water and some curcumin cuz that herb helps with my condition and the tube on a syringe. Aurora knows all about that contraption. Mom says Aurora was easier to give meds too.

*wakes mom for a treat* Ants? OMG gross! Runs off crying. Coconut, ew runs away again. Cherry tomatoes? OH Yes! yummy! More please!

I ate some cherry tomatoes last night. Actually I just suck the seeds out of them and leave the rest.. I got bored with them after awhile but was still asking for treats but everything else mom offered was gross. Kinda mean to boost my appetite but leave everything being repulsive.

I had more tomatoes later and even picked at some lean ground meat. I was climbing around fine and quite a lot and even clawed at the logs hoping for some not gross bugs, so no pain meds needed.

Just had a drink and am sleeping in the closet nest.

Hope there will be less gross choices tonight.

Was all relaxed when mom brought me some water. Took a bit to get my wits but then drank a lot.

Got up and had a bit of water on my own. Mom decided to try being nicer and not force since I have a bit of appetite now, and mixed curcumin in some ketchup(which I'm normally not allowed any more).

I sniffed it and said no. Mom goes "Are you sure"
*sniff" nope don't want it.
"Are you really sure"
*sniff" Yeah, don't want that.
"Are you really really sure"
*sigh, sniff" Wait maybe. *lick* not bad. Guess this isn't a trick after all. *slow licking before suddenly kicking into normal speed and enjoying it, then back to sleep.*

Now I'm not sure if I just read someone's post the wrong way and it was meant to be a joke or not but if anyone has an issue about my care please come to us and discuss it rather than suggesting legal action. USDA was just here yesterday for our surprise inspection and we passed, thank you very much.

I'm doing better myself. I had some tomatoes last night, some of Aurora's cocktail and her soup and a bit of my food too. I still think my usual treats of ants and coconut are gross though.

Oh also when mom brought me water I didn't just cling to her I poked at her a lot but then after still insisted she stay to snuggle for sleep I needed to hold her tight. I finally dismissed her after having a bit more water.

I was excited for food last night and was shoving Aurora away from the soup bowl.