An exciting month

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The rest of January

Jan 8th
I decided I like the closet so am sleeping curled around Aurora in the closet nest. Hey long as she's not in my washer.

Late Christmas Gifts

Late Christmas Gifts
There was a tennis ball and a plush gingerbread man but I let Hyzzie have them.

This was mom's cool gift. The other ear is a bit droopy but that's cute as sometimes like with Stewie our ears can be droopy when tired. Mine don't but Aurora's one ear sometimes gets a sleep induced curl.

Tamandua ornament
Tamandua ornament
Handmade gift

Pua checking things out
Pua checking things out

A new toy
A new toy
Pua got way more excited about this than I anticipated. She made herself a tent out of the blanket and took out the ball to play, then took out her favorite toy(the fabric dispenser), then she was so excited she took out the cylinder part under that and played with that. She spent most of the night in the washer playing.

Jan 9th 11AM
Aurora peeked out of the washer. Mom came and pulled out the drawer bridge for her. Aurora watched and considered this carefully then went back inside for now.

Okay a bit more peeking and sniffing and she is on her way to the closet for yogurt

Silly Aurora. She acts like a caffeine addict who is late getting their morning cup of joe when it comes to her wake up yogurt treat. "OMG! I need it. I need it NOW!" She was practically ready to jump off the shelf onto mom to get it when she heard her treat song!

Having my wake up nap in the washer while Aurora naps in the closet post yogurt.

Posing on the limb
Posing on the limb
She wasn't sleepy she just kept closing her eyes when I took a photo

Posing on the limb
Posing on the limb
She was actually begging for treats

Not actually sure when these were taken they were hidden in memory on the backup camera

Hey there
Hey there

Watching me sleep
Watching me sleep

Napping on her house
Napping on her house

YT comment:"These things have evolved too far, soon they'll be taking our jobs!"

Don't be silly you get to keep your jobs. We will need slaves to do the work.

Jan 10th
We got a little carried away playing and the closet blanket fell to the floor. I slept in the closet anyway on the shelf mattress because Aurora stole my washer again.

Playing with Aurora in the washer. It's a little noisy. Ting, clang, from claws on metal and bouncing lid.

Jan 11 3AM
Pua's Mommy: How the heck did I sleep through a giant dresser getting knocked over? At least no one was killed since it fell against the smaller dresser. Second question, how did it get knocked over? The drawer bridge idea went so smoothly for months. The two dressers face each other so with drawers out they would go across.

Pua: Um... It was a band of drunken pirates, honest O:) Aurora kept using the dresser as it was laying going across it's back but I had to go across the bed to get home to the washer and that's what woke mom up.

Mom figured it was such a freak thing it wouldn't happen twice in one night so she righted the dresser and pulled the drawer back out so we could get across and figured she'd figure something else out in the morning. She grew to regret this decision when she woke to the sound of the giant dresser falling over a second time. In the process of coming to check and see if we were okay she saw me on my dinning area looking down. She saw something hanging and and moving about oddly and thought it was Aurora trapped under the dresser she exclaimed something like "OMG are you dead! Don't be dead!" So mom begins to panic and maybe cry a little as she tries to lift the dresser but it doesn't budge much but she lifted it some and so tried to keep it up so in case Aurora wasn't dead she could get out. Then she hears something and looks over, Aurora is trying to climb up my washer. YAY, she's not dead. In fact she was 100% okay but rattled, maybe not as rattled as mom was though. Mom saw the table cloth moving that had been on the dresser, in the dark it looked like an anteater.

Aurora was a bit more upset this time, since mom was up, and got her claw stuck while climbing the washer. At first mom thought she was hurt and stumbling around on the washer but then figured it out. Mom was about to free her when she got herself loose. We spent the rest of the time watching mom from the tower. Mom now tried to right the dresser but gave up and shoved it back to laying flat on the floor. I figured since mom was up she should be giving treats so was leaning out on my hammock when the hook pulled from the ceiling and I fell onto the washer. To which mom exclaimed "Quit killing yourselves" and went back to bed. She says that to us sometimes when we get clumsy. I guess we're lucky we're built like little tanks.

Mom put her OM shirt on in the morning to try and counteract the gremlins and and planned to spend most the day hiding from the world bit she wound up having to go out though.

Still not sure how the dresser got knocked over but it was obviously Aurora's fault. I guess she was jumping across too hard. I always stepped nicely across.

On the plus side I have my washer to myself! and Aurora has the closet. She did try coming back a few times but had trouble with the lid and decided the world was too topsy turvy.

Jan 12th 12AM

So the new bridge is the tv table thing mom was using as an end table for her computer plus the little dresser drawer still out since that's been fine. It has my dinning room floor on top of it to help secure it. The table had to be at an angle to accommodate Aurora and I's different routes. It is to be rolled out of the way each morning once we are settled.

I went across it fine but coming back I complained it was too low till mom put a folded fluffy blanket on the end then I went down.

Aurora was totally unfazed by it all and went into my washer after her breakfast.

Aurora knocked the blanket down but by then I was confident using the new bridge. She also tried climbing on mom's coats and knocked them down and that soft thump woke mom, ha. She is blaming the weird tea she had before bed for sleeping through the first dresser crash.

In other news: Mom found one of my claw sheds under her pillow. That's right, leave it there. I'm expecting ketchup from the claw fairy.

Peeking out. Is it time to get up yet?

Had some water and heading back to bed. It's still to early for me.

Jan 13th
Sharing the washer with Aurora. I'm getting used to her. She was under the blanket when I was coming out for my treat. I might have been standing on it as she was trying to come out to see what was happening and couldn't. HAHA

She's out now though. We are both curled up on opposite sides of the washer.

Had a snuggle and nap with mom on the window shelf. I curled my tail around the limb to be safe. Now I'm stealing Aurora's yogurt since she isn't up yet.

Jan 14th 10AM
Got up, had ketchup and some breakfast, a drink and back to bed with Aurora in my washer. I guess I'm stuck with her now.

Jan 15th 2:47AM
Battle over the food bowl. We are trying to win the bowl of soup by annoying each other and licking the others face. It doesn't work but it's messy fun.

Jan 16th 11:49PM
Stealing Aurora's yogurt. Ya snooze ya loose, ha ha.

Jan 17th
Mom got a container of coconut oil. I found it and poked a hole in it and licked some out. Mom woke hearing the odd noise of me licking into the container. She didn't catch me in the act but smelled coconut on my breath. I think I only ate a couple spoonfuls worth but mom gave me a bunch of ants for fiber and some digestive enzymes in some ketchup. I'm feeling just fine. Maybe I need to freak mom out more often though. So many treats!

Aurora had fun last night too. She climbed the coats again and got on the shelf and knocked the hats down and I think she climbed the wall a little.

I like to lift the washer lid with my back to peak out. Aurora lifts it with her hand up over her head then peaks out. She ducks back in soon as she hears the camera turn on though. Sneaky Aurora. But mom managed to get one.
Aurora peeking out

Aurora having breakfast
Aurora having breakfast
The flash made her instant drop back inside the washer but then she came right back out.

Jan 18th 10AM
Had my snack and sleeping in the washer. Aurora is down inside the blanket.

Aurora and I are both now in the closet nest. It's good to mix things up now and then.

Jan 19th 12:53AM
Helping Aurora clean out the blue cheese container

Aurora took the washer. I decided to stay in the closet another day by myself.

Jan 20th 12:27AM
Aurora and I got up and that got Beaker's interest. "OMG those weird dogs are climbing all over the place!" When I went across the bridge he came over to get a closer look. Mom tried lifting him up but then we both got shy and wanted away. I'll be fine once I know his smell.

Pua upside down
Pua upside down
With her butt on Aurora under the blanket

Jan 21st
I was crying and complaining this morning but mom just thought I was moody. Well of course I was moody. All my food was gone. That's never happened before. Maybe Aurora is eating some of it. She's never been caught in the act though and still likes her soup.

Jan 22nd
I'm sleeping in my hammock today. Aurora has the washer to herself.
Pua napping in her hammock

Jan 23rd
Aurora's got the washer again. I'm sleeping in the closet nest.

Up having a groom on the shelf

Jan 24th
I guess Aurora got lonely. She's sleeping in the closet with me.

Jan 25th 10:40AM
Aurora is awake and antsy and she went outside to run in the yard. Beaker followed and sniffed her tail and when she ran he ran. She didn't notice. Till he got too excited and play barked then she reared up showing her claws and telling him off. He smartly backed off and mom picked him up. He got told off for barking so once they were inside he was down and followed her quietly but she complained when he tried to peak at her while she was exploring under a bed so mom picked him up again. Mostly she didn't even notice him.

Aurora has finally settled in the closet nest with me. I think she wanted to sleep in the washer but wanted to sleep with me more.

I just felt the need to remind the new washer how I feel about it
Pua peed on the washer

Aurora belly
Aurora belly

Jan 26th
OH-oh mom says I've gotten too fat from stealing Aurora's yogurt and things are gonna change. I don't like the sound of that.

Aurora is in the closet nest with me again. I spent some time in the washer but she kept joining me so I went to the closet nest and she followed.

Jan 27th
I kind of trashed the place last night. I was trying to climb down from the new shelf onto the desk and was hanging by my tail and reached for the bamboo box and knocked it down. The flax seed jar came out and busted. Flax seed meal and glass everywhere. Empty pill capsules all over too. Aurora's supplements didn't open or break though. Other stuff knocked off the desk on the way down of course. I was just hanging by my tail so climbed back up. No one was hurt.

Sleeping in the closet with Aurora. I did spend some time in my washer but if I have to share I prefer more space.

Jan 28th 12:31AM
Mom just gave Aurora a quarter cup of yogurt and she talked me into having a bit of ketchup but when I was done I stole what was left of Aurora's yogurt. She didn't seem to thrilled. I think mom is holding out and planning to give Aurora more so I've not left the closet yet.

Aurora voluntarily opened the evil washer and went in. She poked around a bit then came back out. I've never been fool enough to go in there of my own free will. I watched from my hammock, a bit impressed.

Mom changed the closet blanket while Aurora was having her late meal and she didn't freak out.

Aurora now has my washer and I'm in the closet.

Jan 29th 12AM
Aurora came and woke me to play. YAY! But I smell yogurt on her breath. She had it without me!

Mom put a clean blanket in the evil washer last night to see what Aurora would do. It seems she napped in there but didn't stay. We both spent some time in my washer but are both sleeping the day away in the closet nest.

Jan 30th
Aurora came down the window shelf and grabbed the box to get onto the desk and it slid as she grabbed it and she sent it to the floor as she dismounted. This was noisy but nothing dangerous in it now. So she returned to the closet. Mom has removed the box from the desk for good.

She came back out later but accidentally turned the water on with her tail. The hissy water sound sent her up the tower and mom came and turned the water off. Of course Aurora blamed mom for the scary noise so mom's being up was scary too so she ran off at warp speed to the closet. You've never seen a tamandua move so fast.

So I could have had the washer to my self after that but am sleeping with her in the closet anyway.

I heard mom getting Aurora's yogurt ready but she was sneaky. She lured Aurora over onto a different shelf for it. Then she distracted me with just a couple tiny treats and some foot rubs but I caught on. I found Aurora and wrestled the bowl away from her(It was nearly done anyway) but then mom took it from me. She gave it back to Aurora on the regular shelf while I was distracted by the drooled yogurt Aurora left, it was still yummy. Now back in the nest for a post breakfast nap.

Jan 31st 12:20AM