Some anteater fun

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Dreams really do come true. There is a rotten, buggy tree stump in the house! Gonna have fun tonight. Neighbor does landscaping and it was in his trailer so we asked and he let us have it. Grampa chopped it in half so it'd fit through to door so really I got half a stump but still cool.

Feb 15th
Really enjoying my buggy tree stump
The camera didn't save the photos of me on the stump last night but here is Ori

Ori on a tree stump

Clawing at a tree stump
Clawing at a tree stump

Did you bring treats?
Did you bring treats?

Feb 16th
11AM Up for ketchup!

Having some breakfast.

Okay back to bed but I made mom give me some ants for desert first.

Ori has been up clawing the stump and had a few ants and is now grooming.

She went back to bed after grooming.

Feb 17tH

‎1 AM and I Ori, Aurora and I just got up. Mom was mumbling something about us being lazy.

1:28AM Nap time!

Ori plays with the parrot toy
Ori plays with the parrot toy
She broke one of the wood rings off.

You might notice I got linoleum on the shelf now. Yea for easy clean.
Ori plays with the parrot toy

10:22AM Up having breakfast

Wouldn't go back to bed till I got some ants.

Some people came to see my royal self today. I said hi and took them on a lovely stroll in the woods. I was a bit annoyed when they didn't want to be done when I was. They seemed to like Ori better but someone has to be the court jester or maybe we could call her the press liaison.

Blanket house

Blanket house
We had guests and no way to get the pee pad house looking nice so this worked. The inside is clean they have only been peeing on the roof.

Thinking of trying a house made from a giant rubber maid so I only need to change bedding and not wash a whole house.

Ori getting comfy
Ori getting comfy

So on the walk today someone asked if I was a ferret. Then when told anteater he goes "oh an aardvark" See I told you. *Points to what people think anteaters are photo from yesterday*

Pua eating take 1 -
It's not right to watch a lady eating

Pua eating take 2 -
Going into the washer

Quasi models the new Oregon Ducks jersey
Quasi models the new Oregon Ducks jersey
Quasi models the new Oregon Ducks jersey

Feb 18th
Special treat. I got a mango!

Feb 19th
12:55AM Up but feeling disappointed there is no mango

11:49AM Up for some ketchup.

Jupiter likes old logs too
Jupiter likes old logs too

Bunnies like old logs too -

 The washer saga coming next post...